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It is a canon so it's gone so we got that The Cooler one he made. What's in some places called a machine gun? I'm going to slow the role on that one a little bit so the be Roll No. We're not Chris. I just like interrupting your answer. Everyone does this is referred to as the thirty thirty three barreled Oregon Because the the barrels on organ pipes and basically it was like these three rows of eleven barrels mounted on a rotating like triangular. Prism the idea being you could fire the first row. While you're firing that really could be loading the second row the already fire could be cooling down in the third row you could be your reloading secret like the line. Yeah exactly it's not. I'M NOT GONNA call a machine gun because it really is just once again. A fancy multi-barrel cannon. It's a gun machine machine. We'll go with that. It sounds cooler it does. It does sound cool. Yeah give it to a monkey though nothing. They can't markets. We went over this. I mean the BS were pretty capable. Panelists again give us guns. The BS could find it because they can smoke on powder but they couldn't they have no they couldn't just no animals can operate this machine. Okay it's in his notes. I'm going to say that. In fact check it but so sort of the plan here is basically just like cosmic attraction. I think you're going to shoot at the big triangle. Pyramid thing or glass pyramid thing. Because that's like a big distraction. I don't know what we'll go with that. That's fine just direct. I like this direct approach. Yeah to the highest than me. Walking guns blazing pretty much well and then we also so. I assume that at some point we're going to be you know taking fire from much more advanced weapons threes on here. Draw the fire. So fortunately eventually made robots not like actual robots but but he called them robots or Ottoman or somethin'. The the more well known what I think is like a suit of armor that he made like a series of poison cables end like walk and I grew guy walks. Sit Down raise adviser and wave and people were actually able to back in two thousand and to reconstruct from his plans and it worked correctly which is pretty amazing. Davinci's really cool. It sounds like he's making a lot of things that he's calling things into your disagreeing with so I mean it one heated necessarily call them. These things people have called them. These things online. I don't entirely agree with it. But also it was like the sixteenth century. So cut them some slack. He did a pretty good job. All Things considered I think it's one of the people reporting. It had a flair for the dramatic. That's a lot of it. Yeah the amount tiles reading something about the at least being transported and people being like she sat alone in the container for weeks in the dark and damp. And it's like it's a painting bright. He also made a mechanical lion There was actually. It was commissioned by Pope Leo the tenth for King Francois The I basically just to make him laugh by like walking out to impose flowers as feet actually referring to this one twenty nineteen and it also worked which is pretty awesome finally for like big attraction purposes. He also made a tank can lead a bit there. It was basically like a rounds like sort of domed tank with light cannons Oscar platforms like firing direction the place where like slanted like deflect fire Okay powered by eight men inside of it who would turn crank suspend the wheels and apparently I love this note. He suggested that that he thought of using the horses to power for. He dismissed it because he feared the animals have become too unpredictable in the confines of the tank. Which is kind of hilarious. That if you're going to have if you have to die or dots the way to go right. It didn't have a major flaw though in the plans. Which was that the powering cranks when opted erection? So wouldn't actually move which so people actually so. This is one of those things where you know. You're in a good spot like as figure who will think this people think he actually did this intentionally. Because he didn't want to ever get made because he despite make him like design lots of weapons and ship he was at his heart like a pacifist so he thought that he intentionally made it not work so people wouldn't make it or if they did make it wouldn't work. Okay here's my theory. Maybe the guy fucked up like one time by putting drawing a thing backwards like I think. That's maybe more likely that that you know at some point he like you know flipped his gears literally. And you know we'll we'll probably more likely but regardless either doesn't actually work it will certainly draw attention. Which is what we need to actually get in the Mona Lisa now. Full disclosure. Don't actually have a plan to do that part. So you're you're so far as to shoot the glass so all right. Here's my here's my rationale. I think the Earth GonNa Make. I'M GONNA grab it but I don't have enough information to actually say how that part goes. I'm GonNa say you do that and I'm GonNa talk about getting out. We're going to go with that so there. Let's say you have the painting that you have distracted all the guards they are dealing with your army of weird walking suits of armor and lions and your tank. That's just kind of circle. How do you get out? We'll eventually also made flying machines. There's two sort of famous once he made. There's the aerial screw which basically like a big screw shaped that like. The idea was like four four men would stand on a platform and rotate it to move the screw with would cause the air to moved out and left. It took a helicopter but definitely doesn't work. Yeah it's the helicopter that totally doesn't work. That's the best way to explain it. Modern Science decided I. There's no way whenever I have worked that one nonstarter there was at one point so I made a flying machine like Number when it was a couple of centuries later with a steam engine with the same design that did work but with like manpower it would never take off. It's just not going to happen. He also made an Orniphoptera which was it was basically a it was plain like or maybe glider like with big almost bat wing shaped wings That that flaps up and down for propulsion and it it could have flown. It was in the air but probably could not have flown like it probably could not be human power to get off the ground. It could not get enough power that way to actually take off Well I might be able to sustain flight so I'm going to say that we either launch one of those start flapping or just put it sort of engine on the airedale. Screw and do that one. Probably go to the airless. Screw because they've got some more like distinctive look of the flapping right. I'm just imagining the while you coyote thing it's it's pretty much that but giant and also kind of hang glider also bet distinctive. Look what you're going for at the end of a high. Yes for important reasons for going to get to right now. Marcus Okay so you get in your area screw in your flying away and as we discussed these are not particularly great flying machines silent because actually even with your engine wherever on it. It's not actually going to work all that well to get you out of there so I think you make a big show of it. Not Working as her flying over the river seine which is conveniently right next to the Lou and as it collapses in mid air and people jump out of it using parachutes designed eventually. He did a lot of the Mona Lisa. Which you have already carefully put a waterproof container dropped out into the river where you have people in Super Scuba Gear also designed by Leonardo Vinci waiting to grab it and get away with it. Did lead scuba suit where this one actually does okay. It also incorporate a pallet for the diver to urinate in. He thought of everything. This actually is basically like at a massive your head and then it had basically had tubes going up like a cork diving bell that floated to let air N so it wasn't like like a literal contained tank it more of like a glorified snorkel but you know what it's going to work for our purposes once I had a what do Paean a pouch. That's all the information I have. I can't answer no more questions. But like what program you try to solve by giving the diver a pissed. I couldn't figure that one out either man. I really don't know like you're in water. Just pissed I mean. It's he was an interesting man I don't. He had lots of ideas. Not all of were good. I told you about the cannon with three barrels right like in this Canon Pouch on the actually incorporates added all his all of his inventions contained way. Let you urinate a very very key component. For him you'd be. You'd be amazed absorbent the Mona Lisa. Why did he gets me out? Would you basically just elected to use worst technology that you could do everything in your highest could be done more efficiently if you just did this? Davinci theme yes. This is accurate. I do not have a way to refute this however hey what about would you rather right? Ben Would you rather join a cult or start your own religion? So where important question? Where does the line between cult and religion and yeah? So here's here's the here's the differences would you rather? Would you rather join a cult and under say cult? As in a very clearly nonsensical bonkers crazy religion with a bunch of rituals in hoods and if people found out your this. Colt you be embarrassed by it. So like anything scientology are weirder yes ontological okay and then start your own religion. You can do what you want but you have to kind of commit to right so you can't make like a five. Can't make a webpage and just be like Oh yeah Benz God dot Com. And pretend and like I did it. I created my religion. It's got three pages of religious text which is just been written. Four hundred eighty six times in size thirteen filed. You find my old. Yossef's page Marcus. Is it a given that people are GonNa follow your religion or not so you have to bid is not a given that you have to put some effort into it? Okay all right. So it's really maybe you can't stop trying to beat make your religion until you get like five hundred followers and times like a lot of a lot of followers. Actually so I will say so. I don't know why I just thought of this but but it may not be that hard because I do know there was college where there was like a weird bathroom that got like Walden and people found and they made a shrine. Dane if you know in it and they got like constant offerings to it so if you can make a shrine Dane veto and college campus and get a decent attraction you could probably get to five hundred people relatively easily if you found something you know niche and you you have five hundred. Like retweets effectively have five hundred subscribers today to veto. That's fair starting to religion is basically just writing him fiction. That people believe right as well. That's a loaded statement But if you want to bow down to that shore so I J. R. Token could be religion. I mean isn't that literally how scientology started right so I must say you can't say you can't do it. It just yeah like would you rather be the person rank going who has joined a cult unless you have to go to? Colt means you can't just blow off and be like that's not a part of my life anymore You gotta go to the cult meetings or would you rather be the person who's like star their own religion and like now everybody below tag be like hey can i. Can I tell you the the good the good vibes of The Ben Religion where we have ice actually the religious. I'm going to go up there. You said that a little too fast for my comfort. You know what guys talk about something so so really. A boils down too lazy and crazy or having a very very annoying hobby right. That's really the sort of the dividing. Line here yeah yeah. Let's just like anything to if you join a you're going to be you. Don't get to set the agenda. If you say your religion you cut control you'd ever. Yeah you're in charge if you make your religion figure tax benefits to right. Oh yeah not many for joining the call. I think there are certainly offers volume religion especially if it gets big enough to for the government to care about I give you a tax break Starting to pile up towards religion. The more we talk about this. I don't like the idea that things are out of my hand if I joined the cult and I don't disagree with them if I disagree with them then well to be fair you pick the cult. You Join C..

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