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Of mine for those stones. While what course lally pip was the first baseman starting first baseman for the new york yankees and he got sick one day and then lou gehrig started in his place. In of course lou gehrig then set the record for consecutive games. Played until cal ripken obviously ended up breaking it many many years later but like while it never got his job back one day one day on the job and next thing you our so i'm not sure what scott was suggesting that email but i'm back just maybe four today tomorrow to see whether or not daniel is back. We've got me or meet. please. Listen i'm you know. Listen i'm a there's a chance i leave every single day make no mistake. I try to podcast like every day is my last done all out there on the cutting room floor. College football team had a last play across the back of their helmets. Like last podcast. Like do a shadow parliament take for that reference there. So let's get into a couple pieces of news before we get to some rankings. Talk because it is of course middle of week one which means we'll dive into ranks for the next five days if you include today as one day plus we're gonna plant our flags on some players later on the show some bold calls and things that we feel. I'm not so sure i would say strongly about. But we have an inkling on. We not be surprised if those things took place. We'll begin with some news. Maybe on bell lady on bell on bell signed with the baltimore ravens practice squad matthew quite fall for years ago certainly a little bit of a different standing in the nfl compared to what three years ago two years ago when he literally skipped the season because he was trying to sign a record setting right back contract he eventually got a very very lucrative deal but plan to be a fixture in the nfl for a long time. He's now on the ravens practice squad. Sound like there's a eventually elevated to the fifty three man roster. This comes on the heels of the team losing another running back. Just hail to a torn killys. He's out for the year sir fantasy. Is there anything of note here. Matthew other than the name you tell me and mike i want to see. I'm curious if you disagree here but my take on. This is that i feel like and i don't know disrespect intended here. But i feel like at this point in his career leaving bill sorta washed and that i feel like this is much more of a depth signing for the ravens than it is any sort of fantasy impact by. Like if i'm drafting tonight and we are drafting you and iron league together tonight with war room league draft tonight. Gus edwards would be the ravens running back that i draft i. I would draft. Tyson williams next. I would not draft. Lay down bell like we're in a sixteen team league draft tonight and i don't think bell should be drafted tonight. I'd be surprised if you and i if he's threat to anyone. I suppose tyson williams who we haven't seen in prime time as it were if if maybe he falters a little bit but i wonder field that if they had waited two days for if they'd waited two days to sign lady bell if they might have said like oh wait latavius murray's available and we'll get to that in just a moment i just. I feel like i feel like this. Was we need a guy. I wouldn't be surprised if there. I don't think they're done at running. Back is my instinct that they could sign of their players which is why right now. There is zero fantasy significance other than the fact that it's a really well known name. So mike rather than sort of continuing to beat the same points into the ground on on bell ask you. First about latavius murray. Who had unless you have a different opinion on libya november. You got ready to practice. Scott practice squad running back. He lost gig the daryl williams last year. You don't need them on your office right now. all right. so let's get to tavis. Murray then mike who this was not a major surprise if following saints camp closely however murray. You weren't here yesterday. But we talked about tony jones. Yesterday he referred him to latavius. Murray's drafting album cameras insurance and we thought there was some standalone value. Tony jones and twelve team leagues or deeper. And then the saints. Many hours later basically you know underlying that point so they have cut latavius. Murray a part of this was financially driven. Also the fact that tony jones look good. This preseason so mike what's the fantasy followed of latavius murray being released new orleans. I think tony jones slots rate in there to that same role right. I mean you've twain washington a number three running back and he doesn't really get much work on offense more of a special teamer so there's a path year for maybe. Some non-pwi are standalone value for tony jones. Junior maybe he gets ten to twelve carries some goal line work. Maybe one or two targets per game so there is some appeal. If you had marie on your bench whether it was insurance for kamara or just a late round running back you wanted to keep stashed just dropped. Murray pickup tony jones and see how plays out but nothing more than that. I've had a lot of questions that i draw player x. For this guy and usually there guys draft in the ninth tenth eleventh round. The answer is almost always going to be no. He's just a bench. Dash matthew adam latavius. Murray being dropped by these saints and whether he needs to be dropped. If you've already drafted him and fantasy leagues or would you hold tight because you mentioned baltimore. I think it's too logical for them to not place a call to latavius murray. And don't you think of the available running backs right now and there's not much i mean lady on bell got a job yesterday after base your interest all off-season devante freeman also working out for the ravens strengthen cannon working out for the ravens. Don't you feel like latavius. Murray's one call away from me being useful somewhere else he is. The question becomes like what's the best possible situ like even if he goes to he goes to baltimore to me. The best possible situation. Latavius murray not sure exist out there. I feel like Wherever latavius murray's signs is going to be more about hurting the fantasy value of somebody else. 'cause we we like latavius mary we. He's a good player. And so you know what i mean like. If he signed with a patriots he'd suddenly but if signed with the rams you totally be like if he was yet. Another guy with the forty niners. You'd be like okay like he's sort of like you sorta work through some of the. I'm just trying to think of like what's a running back. Meaty team like philadelphia. Could he go to philadelphia. I'm just like i'm trying to think of where so let me wear where. Where do you think he could land. That would be great for latavius. Latavius murray's fantasy value Probably nowhere the closest. I think he could get. Would maybe be would be other baltimore arizona. Only because i'm still not totally sold nares backfield but i think the scenario that i'm sort of examining here matthew. I'll throw one out. That would be sort of interesting. Would be maybe the chargers. I don't know how the chargers feel about the depth behind austin and there's been talking about whether acura will get the goal line work or not. I believe he will. Obviously he's my ride or die but you know there's there's like maybe it'll be larry roundtree or just jackson or something like that. Could you could see latavius mary. Maybe there i'm just. I'm throwing it out there reunion bardy the offensive coordinator so i just sit here. That i'm more mindful of is not if he signed somewhere right now. Is that if something happened to a player in week one that created the need elsewhere. I think tavis murray would be near teams. Preferred running back targets list. I think he would have to be. I mean as i mean again right to your point lay van. Bell trenton cannon. Todd gurley gotten some look. So i would agree with that statement but to your point..

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