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All right. Did you one hundred? Yeah, I've just this is this is something that is like a personal. I don't even know like for both of us. I think this is something that we're so intrigued by just a story line and just the the pictures and just I mean, there's doesn't quite like the mystery. This is like the JFK assassination for us and it is it is the mystery of is on Williamson fat. We've asked a question we've looked at pictures, we, we've done the research and today this Monday, it was tagged under the tagline, Monday, motivation for all you people out there that are on the social media's Zion. Williamson looks absolutely ripped up and not fat fat, not fat, and I don't know about you, but my head almost exploded when I saw the picture just like all the veins popping out of the man's body. I don't know what's going on in Durham, but something's going on. I mean, design is not fat anymore. I think it's official, but I also I, I don't know. I don't know what to do. I'm. I'm just stunned at this point autoshop so nice couple of things. One he has. He has no legs in the picture. I don't know if you noticed this, he's wearing black tights, but then they fade into the background. So we're not really sure what his legs with like. So my theory is that they didn't wanna Photoshop veins on the legs, so they dislike. Too much worry, black too much work. Black amount? Yep. Number two, I in someone I re I tweeted something about the picture and someone respond to this and really got me thinking. So in the pictures for those who haven't seen it, he's he's holding a a rim in one hand that's like supposed to have been shot like he shattered the the basket on a dunk, and now he's got the rim holding one hand. He's holding into deflated basketball that he crushed in his other hand, and someone respond to the picture in it was like pretty eye opening for me, and I think I'm on board with this theory tape. I think what happened here is Duke deflated the basketball. Oh, and had Zion just pose as though he crushed deflate gate. Yeah, I think that's what I think is this is the deflate gate. I think that's exactly the way. Picture and you're like, holy shit. This man just crushed a basketball hand, but I don't think that's what happened. I think he, I think it's Deflategate situation so theory and we're back at square. One is fat because they've Photoshop the muzzle. I will say, though this, this got a reaction out of me. I said, I said, I'm laughing because the phrase that got a reaction out of me could be taken a million different ways, especially when I'm talking about do. Yes. Got a reaction out of me. Never mind. I said when we first started talking about his, I, in fact, I said, I brought up the de'andre eight and picture when he was at a zone in the red blue scrimmage where he dunks, he flexes every muscle in his body is popping out of his arms. And it's like every single muscle just shot up to the top of his chest popped out of his arms. It was insane that picture, I'll never forget seeing that picture for the first time. Right? And I said, I need that picture from Zion because I haven't seen it. Yes, he's fat. Yeah, that's why we haven't seen that was my theory. Yes, this is that picture Tate. I saw the picture it came today and now I just I don't know. I don't know what to think anymore. I'm shook. I think we were wrong. Yeah, I'm shook. We're Bill shook, but I, I don't think that we were wrong in July. I don't think we were wrong in August. I don't even think we were wrong in September. I think we're been wrong within the past three weeks. Which points back to what's that Nike basketball about? What's you know? There's a lot of Nike influence there. This guy's all he looks ready for his, you know his full, oh Nike, shoot the. Thing that upset me about this. LeBron James at this exact photo shoot, and like verbatim the exact same photo shoot..

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