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So if you take all of those things into account like she she was having thoughts of harming religious people. Priests and nuns. She wanted to smash concentrated items. She didn't want to go inside a church. She couldn't receive communion. She was saying that she's being held back from going into the church by these hidden. Powers i would. I would say that sounds pretty fucking possessed to me. Don't you but that sounds pretty in my book. does it does. Yeah we interrupt your regular programming to bring you one. Quick reminder big goal to end of two thousand and twenty with a nice big positive bang is to get into the podcast magazine. Top fifty podcasts and to do that we need your help. The awesome part is that it's the votes from listeners. that will get us there so all really really counts. All you have to do is click. The link in the show notes below and vote zanderinsurance podcast hosted by sandra stone. And send super simple show notes. Click the link right zander with an x zander and stone. Podcast hosted by sandra stone. And hit send. It would mean so much to us even just to make it onto that list and we really need your votes. So be awesome and zander and stone on june eighteenth nineteen twelve and under an exorcism by one father. Theophilus arising a capuchin priests originally from bavaria. But to the usa and it was done by request of her concerned relatives father rising fos becoming one of the most if not the most famous exorcist in america even though he didn't really seem to want the fame of course he didn't receive this infamous status because of just the one xs and that he had done with us emma schmidt in total. It seems that he had done. At least twenty two church approved exorcisms amaze me wonder how many were not church approved to do to get it approved by the actually do specific they all. That's a very specific way. That you get access is approved..

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