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This is Vince Coakley radio program It's almost that time everybody's going. Back to school once they're gone it might be time to make a few upgrades around the house standing here for carpet, discount warehouse with a few. Money saving ideas for your. Floors just, stop, in the store remember member Scott the word discount in the name and name meaning whole house carpeting price, from seventy nine cents a, foot, and I'm talking brand name carpet hundreds of. Rolls of carpet to choose from so take your time l.. Even drive your round the store. Maybe you'd like an area ride they've got him beautiful rags at discount prices and carpet discount can make you any size area. Rut right there in the store you pick the style and design the no measure cut. And bind it in no time pretty easy easier than pushing those kids, out the door, back to, school check out carpet discount warehouse and see all. They have to offer their sixty one hundred eastern dependent right behind the bojangles and they're open. Noon to. Five on Sundays count Danny Sanchez Had the ninth. Annual though Carolina ten k. classic presented by hanger clinic who truck and beer fast August eighteenth. In Charlotte Wait did I just say food truck and beer Did you can, take, part in the, five k ten k kids dashboard. The rookie, ride take part in the food trucks in fact come out. And enjoy the expo pre-set up by United Healthcare will, you can sample? Beer, from local breweries headed choice local food trucks Going to have all the details at WBZ dot, com slash events.

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