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I did not. It's now ten. Am Pacific or same by Andrew. He's he's like superman tonight or green lantern and JJ's in the chat as well which is always good to see. I'm glad you you founded and that actually brings up another good point about the the swag and stuff like we need to find an agent. That's over in in other countries that maybe Hashtag that we can like. Hey We'll send people that you want to send swag too in the US. If you'll send swag people we want to send to in your country because like I still have a box that I guess in JJ blaze. He lives in in Canada. And sorry if I shouldn't get that out but I don't think you care and I went to go mail it to him one time and it was just a bunch of just chachis from another podcast we do and you know so. It wasn't like valuable stuff it all but I wanted to mail it and it was like that'd be twenty something dollars and I was like back I. I think I'd rather just like a shirt or something like like in Canada and just have the mail it to his house house. 'cause that's like I I didn't feel good about myself just like you know mailing a bunch of junk anyway so I still get the box and I actually have something else that I'm going to send send you in lieu of it because I do feel good. I'll go ahead and show it this. So this is from. This is from our old podcast artist. made us this rendering for and for those of you just tuning in at home that can only share the beautiful poster. That's Gooney guy is holding up to the microphone right now now and now it. Is You know curling backup St means trend. Make it sound. I'm glad you think about the audio is. You've you would think I would now but I listened to too many podcasts. That do similar recording style. Where they're constantly talking about things that you can't see see if you're only listening and it drives me insane so perfect so anyway so I feel good about sending that and not a key chain? That was probably some stupid game so anyway that was that remind find me out of country stuff that it it's harder for us to like send one item over for you know it gets expensive real fast that makes sense anyway so but we do have codes that we can give out Virtually so that will be. I think what we do for out of states agents who participate in whatever events we have and next week and talk about twenty twenty anomalies. I hope that is our Christmas gift. Take I I really feel confident vivat. Brian is Kinda out there on twitter saying like soon trademark. But he's putting a kind of putting date on that soon he's saying you know before the year hopefully fully for the I believe the specific wording was tipped whole events which I know there are a couple of people that seemed a little concerned by that but I believe the term just this means like your big production events or something what would it be outstanding in the community so that reads reads to me as anomalies and really hoping that we have a solid lineup of dates coming down the pipeline. Because I don't know about you I myself in like and you might fix swears. The next the next anomaly in yeah yeah. I'm looking looking forward to getting out there. I didn't get to Go physically to the last two so I'm ready for for the next one and update. We got prime updates which are always good. This one looked like it was a few bug fixes and updates. I know the Vignette that is kind of on. The sides of the screen is disappearing or go away. It is gone it is gone so I know there are a lot of folks out there that were saying that that contributed to Migraines or other issues that they had viewing the screen. Some really hoping at that is a quality of life improvement for folks. I know it makes it a lot easier to see like you wouldn't think that would be a big impact but when you're looking at the scanner and and there are things that are on the periphery. So they're just almost out of you. Things will crisp now whereas before everything was kind of the blurred edges or you would get that almost like rainbow effect that would occur towards the edges of things in that is completely gone so things are back to portal's nexium crisp now now even if they're slightly far away and it's like going into ingress these days it feels like a nice Polish rush game in my opinion and like I've had one issue that I can even think of in the past month or so playing and that was was just. It was the similar issue that we've talked about in the past going into like a dead zone but not getting things to load up but this was actually I was driving in My brother was actually driving because we were meeting some family out of town and it was like Probably say about a forty five minute drive going you know. Probably seventy or so off the highway. Pull into downtown. Start going you you know fifteen twenty miles per hour Well I know there's portal's around so I load up in grass and I start looking and Of course I'm I'm speed locked. I kind of assumed that I would be immediately but this was kind of weird because it was continuous for about. I don't know twenty. You almost thirty minutes closed the game a few times and it just would you know you'd click on things and it almost looks like it was is working and then you get like a communication error and kind of the thing. We're really Easter. So it's just really weird. I sent the since the Info to Andrew and he was gonNA pass it along because I was mark in my car and so I should probably just posted to the community but has been leaving so I don't know besides that and hopefully that'll get fixed. It seems pretty good. How's your experience? Been Lately Oh it's been good like I have not really had too many issues like the occasional crash every now and again but I really have to be out there. They're kind of playing for upwards of an hour or two hours doing a lot of small micro fielding to to Kinda run into situations where I get a hangover crash You know certain things that were issue months ago are really starting to get worked out and we also have a note. That injury just dropped into chat regarding Intel saying that Intel Janabi noticeably faster There was a recent update that was pushed just yesterday. That even if you use these certain exotic genesis attachments or plug INS to Intel map thing should still work and it should have. You looked faster so I know that was in response to there. Were some issues. With some agents were experiencing portal's not quite loading at the quarter level so that was kind of back and forth where appear to be some sort of a caching issue From what people were kind of speculating but that fixes been pushed so hopefully everybody has a better experience on the map. And you know I noticed this like yesterday I believe is as I was loading into the Intel normally I like scrolling super-quick to the ocean because it was always my trip to like bypass the lag you know because normally it's like you got to wait for it and then you can kind of click that thing to send you to your current anyway so instead of living with that I would just scroll Grohl in super fast before that started chunking and then it wouldn't happen because you're in the ocean and there's nothing there for it had tried to detect and then you can hit the thing and it would send you over but I I forgot to do it and I was like Oh crap it's but it was like butter. I mean there's just moves better and just scrolled straight in so whatever they did absolutely fixed and I didn't realize that was in until he posted that so and now injuries is letting me know that the the portal loading level issue might still be occurring But definitely speed loading should be a little bit faster so absolutely anybody that is noticing. Those issues is please just keep reporting and keep benching it definitely does help. I know a couple of chats. I've been sitting in where people said about things like as soon as somebody you brought that up to Andrews attention and I think Brian Somebody tweeted at him regarding in somatic issues or it was on record somewhere out there in the Internet Things turn around pretty quickly so when things are working. Let them know on the Web's they'll they'll take care of it. super-quick like saying the Web's the Internet's so If you like there was something else in the update we'll linked to update in the show notes but there are some bug fixes as well in it. So that's always good to see the year seven event came and went and we haven't done a show since then so definitely want to touch on that because I finally got to level sixteen took took What four years? But you're so do. What did you recurs your request immediately? Yeah yeah so what media Oreo to now. I is it the sand and I'm like where's my scanner level. I think I'm just eight hour. This is where he tried to calm before you can get yours opened yet. Eight and it was it was during the mission day. Hey that they did in Birmingham so I went down there. Yeah it is down there. They will get upset when you go down there like you know. We're like east of you. So that would be over are there. I'm like you know what I mean. Everything's down there from me. I think it's down there unless I go up to Nashville and that's up there. Hey I'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's the idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor.

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