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Oh wait prevent the spread of viruses with Michael and sons germicidal UV C. go to Michael and son dot com traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks the start in Virginia sterling south on twenty eight near sterling Boulevard getting reporter crash involving one overturned wash for response as they headed to the scene southbound on twenty eight near sterling Boulevard no problems reported on I. sixty six eastbound as you leave Gainesville headed through Rosalyn westbound sixty six leaving the beltway headed toward Nutley street stay alert for the scheduled work along the left side pairing you down from four lanes to three I ninety five and I three ninety five looking pretty good in the southbound direction north down I'd three ninety five just near glee brooch we have the right lane blocked for one broken down and help is on scene the traveling in Warrington Warrington bypass southbound twenty nine after meets road a single lane will get you by the work zone there for traveling in Maryland things are clear on the beltway through Montgomery and prince George's county Rockville twenty eight both ways on Norbeck road between east Ghouta drive and First Street you're under police direction for the report of a vehicle fired things are looking pretty good if you're travelling in Silver Spring with no issues as you make your way on twenty nine reading polls will road headed up towards course of Columbia I ninety five at night three sees me I'm ninety five looks pretty good the Baltimore Washington parkway the work is north bound near for ten we understand a single lane getting by under flagging direction east on route fifty still looking pretty good right now especially since the crash cleared from route eastbound span bridge with delays easing quite nicely across the span with two lanes east into lanes Wes the problems being reported to us in the district but the suit and parkway both ways between first rowing Avenue and south capitol street in southeast is close for that scheduled works on Connecticut Avenue southbound near Macomb street a single lane we'll get to buy the works on there WTOP the reporters are driven by fitz Gerald auto mall from test drives at home the free service pick up and delivery see the customer appreciation program at fit small dot com that's the fits way I'm rob soul worth WTOP traffic we've got some pretty quiet days ahead temperatures are going to be in the low eighties today is that humidity falls and we become sunny throughout the day as we head into tomorrow mostly sunny low seventies.

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