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The robot arm, which prepares drinks robot can prepare for drinks at a time, which is a bit better probably unfair compared to human counterparts wants drinks have been ordered their place on a tray and then delivered to people's tables via an electric police system. Seeing the robot an action in my opinion is a bit unnerving it worse around its movements are slightly Radic. It sounds a lot like a remote controlled car. And you get the impression if. You got to close to it might kill you. And yet, the restaurant's owner says there is no doubt that this is the future. Marcel Sorolla the businesses owner says that he's already embracing what he considers an inevitable shift in how businesses operate. He told Reuters that in the near future when you're served by a human. It's going to be a terribly expensive experience. Why because it's going to be unique. He said the Cyberdog is definitely were checking out online. Maybe even visiting person. If you're in the Czech Republic, but I would advise to stay clear of that robot arm. That thing is no joke. So like who are? Hi supposed to flirt with the robot. I was just gonna say there some places Bo where that is not going to be a problem. They're always going to be human bartenders in certain places. Like people flirt with the bartender like. Who use opposed to as where to perhaps get something? That is not on the menu. Right. The robot have the answer to these very important questions. Now, I will say this though, if you want to replace the bathroom attended woulda route what a robot. Yes, I'm here. You wanna get a robot hand me a couple of peppermint s-? I'm Dan, I dry my own hands me, I got dead. How about the guy comes over your shoulder with the soap? Yes, what I'm saying? Like. This should feel like luxury. But it doesn't it feels weird right? Flow to the airport at Charlotte. I have yes, Sean, I got back through. Just left the club going to another experience. But like replacing the bartender the board gender. Oh, man future. Is problem man of that's what we think? The future is games going be. Yeah. I hear you. But no, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is this knows some jobs mentioned to be done by humans man humans. Some establishment make their claim the fame by their bartender. That's what I'm saying. No, I veto this out even drink. All right. Our last story comes from education. Hey, I'm honest as it silk, and I'm a reporter for NPR music. My latest story is about the plans that are for profit. Chinese company has to buy.

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