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Here. And it's real easy Couple ways You can do it. Go to w TMZ dot com. Just click on the little Service banner or touch the words service s e r V i c e to the acronym Organs. Talking text landed 85561616 20 Deadline for submission is not this Friday. Next Friday, May 7th and this is all part of as I said Waterstone banks with service on WTMJ. It starts, which is telling me who the person is. Where they work and a little blurb paragraph or two. Maybe just telling this story why you're nominating them. We do all the rest. Jordan Chase's down the nominee nominees and we put together a piece. Jordan does a lot of the heavy lifting on that interview them. And at the end of the day, we have to get five honorees that deserve the recognition that all first responders dirt deserve that kind of represent the groups. And it's just our way of saying Thank you to the men and women who serve as first responders. So help me out Text words service. Could be a local cop in your city. Could be a firefighter. MTV came your house for an emergency. Whatever it is, tell us the story. Nominate somebody for salute to service and again thanks to our Great partners, Waterstone Bank, IndyCar Rev. Group Grand Prix at Road America and Heizer Automotive. They allow us to do this. We're fortunate. Last year we award of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Award Force for Community Service. I am. I'm proud of that of that award. And, uh, I'm looking forward to telling those stories this year, So help us out, said those nominations after the break. I'm gonna talk about Real life concern in law enforcement. This story comes from the Philadelphia Inquirer. And it's part of the national debate over use of force. Policing community police relations and how we get enough people that want to do those jobs direct response of a national story. To a critical shortage. Now among police officers in this country, I'll tell you that story after the break right here in Wtmj. The more the Steve Skip Edie Show next on WTMJ. Honoring those who protect our families.

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