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WCBS twenty. Six degrees. The sun is shining now, but not for long clouds building today, the high thirty two and then tonight, maybe ten o'clock midnight or later is when we start to see the snow a to two inches in the northwest suburbs. Little temperature change in any morning precipitation. Tomorrow gives way to some sun with a high of forty degree b a wintry. Mix late Saturday into Sunday, it should change to all rain, especially by the coast. But then back to an icy mix before ending Sunday night with heavy snow in the hills. We're talking about from north west New Jersey across the Hudson valley into Connecticut and in a flash freeze after that. So whatever comes down gonna just ice up with a high Monday only fifteen to twenty and you know, we heard Craig Allen give us the blow by blow concerning who's going to get what? And we're gonna bring that back to you. Coming up in the next time around forty eight right now in New York City twenty-five degrees with the sunshine twenty two in scarsdale this morning, and I see the Dow is down now forty one points. Federal workers affected by the partial government shutdown are protesting a Dallas Fort Worth airport. TSA? They're saying fewer screeners have been missing work this week. Because of a surge of sick outs over the weekend. People who've been rushing in to fill those gaps air traffic controllers have been working without pay. And they have lost a court battle to force the government to pay them. I'm Steven Greenberg. Talking about your next job as the first quarter of the new year gets underway. The hiring outlook among US employers is at a twelve year high. That's according to the latest manpower group survey US employers report, a twenty percent increase in recruiting confidence and employers in all four regions of the country, expect hiring to be robust the positive hiring outlook.

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