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Companies can be heartless solis they don't care uh but this goes a this goes a step further as is a new low have you heard about this this new movie called and peter rabbit that's out its cartoon don and scat talk and characters all kinds of stuff when we heard the controversy surrounding this known i mean i don't have young kids so i have no intention of seeing pena rabbit in a theaters in his apparently in theaters now and the movie is angered some parents over the way a character with a food allergy is treated now this movie tom as the villain and peter rabbit learns that he has a food allergy com in a scene rabbits attacked tom would blueberries causing him to go into a shark okay from the reaction and if mladic schalken it can kill close seems from the children's found that includes a serious reaction and do not in a don't do it responsibly in its unacceptable according to solve that they're not have an epic pin in in the curtain now organizations are calling for a boycott of the film but others are thinking that people largest being a little bit too pc awful i have not seen it yet i like to see of meat humming how far did it go with all these attacking peter rabbit in this with his food allergy i'm just wondering why do we have to work that in the script his i may i think the fact that people are upset about it is is overly pc but the fact that it has been included in the script it sounds to me like the rare earth dickey lozanes me like the person who wrote the script whoever it was disney i think they were trying to bring light to food allergy explosive and a lot of kids have food allergies oh that's absolutely correct yeah that riot and in some cases it can be deadly but why listen the reason we all go to the movies and especially a cartoon ific cartoons above all to escape reality it's not a real war cartoon why do they include that that content boy so that you and i would talk about it on the radio and bring attention to food allergies in public schools while they won they did i guess they way and.

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