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And all that what what what if the computer could learn faster like, you know, go back to war games. Right. Joshua launching nuclear weapons. Philip k dick wrote a bunch of books. Well, it seems like everything is coming true. And I wonder if it's not because scientists read all Philip k Dick's books. I'm sure there were sort of. I'm sure they'd get ideas from stuff like that. Like, this is crazy waiting for someone to say. Dumped it. Affirmation when you need doing. When you guys really hitting me something stupid this segment. I said it would be got so deep, and it was like a point. We're really deepen here really very sort of. Right. So the hot box. Yeah. Is it you are, you know, walk by shea took a big inhale the hugs. It's the morning morning hogs that'll get you every time I clock hours lit. Joachim? No, literally lit-. Okay. So here's here's one thing. I wanted to bring up there is a report out of Boston that W E E I could potentially abandoned play by play Paul's games for the Red Sox and turn it into just an ongoing talk show. In other words, for example. You would hear like four people on the broadcast, and they would just be be Essen while the play by play is going on. You would keep listeners. You would let them know. Hey, it's three into it's runners on second and third, but it would be be Essen the entire time with everybody. So it'd be a little bit like those the the BCS championship game where ESPN has all the different channels with all the different people doing it as as opposed to play by play as just like sitting around a studio and talk, and do you think that makes sense? How boring is baseball. What do you mean? How boring. Just forever. So the so it's it's four individuals just talking about the game that you're supposed to watching. So why are we watching them? It'd be like Mason in Ireland doing the dodger games. I mean, miss Ireland during the dodger games would be pretty good. If we did it in talk show format we'd let came in at skiing. You might come in and do a dodger game, you think? I would come in and do it. It's just it's just like this. We're just talking about a game as it goes along. I mean, why would I not be watching the game? I I just don't know how the setup would be like am I going to just be watching these guys? And then the screen is. No, no, no, you're you're listening. You're listening on the radio ee is rose. Fred. Oh, yes. Works as TV product. Like, it's great. I would do TV broadcasts this way because you can watch the game. And you you don't need somebody tell you don't write somebody explain to you like on the radio you actually if you're listening to the game on the radio, you're doing it. Because you want to know what's happening in the game. Probably. And so we'll one person may be performing that function. But everybody else talk baseball. So freaking slow you actually there. You could. Absolutely do it. You could absolutely do it. The idea of a room full of people doing a studio full of people doing a dodgers game is actually a cool idea. And you know, frankly, if I had one of those HD, I don't understand how that works. You know, how this team that you know, there's the HDMI. The channel. And then there's the HD sub channel do you know, what that means? Oh, it's just clear. What do you mean, the sub trying do you know, how to explain that the HD sub channel like every stations got a channel? And then they've got this sub channel thing. No, no. Can you can you describe it, Greg? I cannot. All right. I guess I'm the only one that had an explanation. So I'm right. Yeah. You don't think it would work not on not on the radio? Although look, I mean, you know, because the problem is you're you're going to kill both audiences because you're going to really turn on the radio. You're going to turn off the audience that's tuning in to see the baseball game. Don't wanna hear. What's happening? The Red Sox..

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