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Bottom of the hour. And as we say good topics, keep it locked right here on the Fox. Sports Radio, the iheartradio APP or Sirius Xm channel eighty three. However, you may be listening. Let me welcome in the couple. Crawl ready told you DJ, Alex Vegan is on the ones and the twos. And then we got. Not Rob G he is out on another day vacation. This Ridiculous I thought you took a lot of days which we thought I took a lot of. Alex you say Chris takes up the WHO takes. How Rob You know what's interesting is every time a holiday or how long weekend I always see you me and Steve here I don't know about the other two to. An article was. Old Zone girls crews I mean. The man's got to take a little break. Stay -cation. Liberate I don't understand this. Joe Every holiday. I'm work-. I'm working for the July see working. Holidays but then you take normal days off and you think that matters. Speaking of which is Monday the day? Is that the day visit roundup. All come on. I got to put. You mean not to put on the air. You gotta hear it. I I want I. Don't want to just I. WE'RE GONNA do it. Live on. The air rotates up as we WANNA do we'll do? All right, we'll talk about over the which Chris we'll talk Sunday Ari. Material got. Do have I just WANNA do. You think for Monday's show. Do I cancel it. Don't care to. Joining us, we're awake tape. Play it for us I just WanNa make sure like the jokes that we're all onboard so. As far as whether or not, they're suitable Obama, radios. Because you, you have to ask their heavy with the dump button pretty much I can only do so much exiling well we will. We'll work this I'll. Maybe we'll do it Tuesday. We're working out though we'll work it out. Okay, all right. These Alex Tyson lead the lap in for rob G. Leah's running things as a producer today and our man Steve Two sager with the updates with all this air rob. Let's get right to in inherit is the National Congress, of American. has called on players for the Washington redskins. To speak out against the team name. And she is calling for them to get rid of it here. Here's a little bit of the statement. I am calling for members of the NFL franchise in Washington DC to rise to the occasion and become heroes. All I ask is that you state the unequivocal moral truth. Jest as you would never play for the Washington. INSERT ANY OTHER RACIAL SLUR! You will no longer play for any team branded with a racial slur against native Americans as long as that team name stands players of conscious. Conscience should sit at home rather than where the NFL equivalent of the confederate flag that is. Why President Fawn Sharp and I say fawn more power to you. Can we get a fire for that? Dough it out. Alex straight fire. STRAIGHT FIRE! And what she said Chris is right on the money. Off would all list? You know what's going on in this country and God bless native Americans. They see what's going on. They see that alkyl Ben and ought Jemima Outta work. They see that the last Sambo's restaurant Chris has been has been named has been changed right? Why? Why shouldn't they WANNA? Get involved. They stopped calling. What does the ESKIMO Pie no more why not? It's time it NFL pastime, your two hundred and fifty million dollars is nice. You woke now. You really want and you get it. We all know. That that name I don't even like saying Chris. I don't even like saying it anymore and narrow newspapers and news organizations around this country that are banned the use of it when I wrote a column about a week ago about this at deadspin. We wouldn't use our skins. We wouldn't use it. Even in the copy, even in the headline enough already, and you know what I'm GonNa say this. This thing can be done. Don and over with and two seconds Yup when the players say did they were fused to wear that helmet and refused a Weirdo Juna formed NFL and Daniel Snyder will have no choice zero because of the players revolt and stand up for this. And refused to wear that. There's no way you can have a team in Washington. DC vay WHOA MISS A game. And the only way they'll miss a practice is because the powers that be WANNA. Wait and see if they mean business. And once they showed they mean business. It'll be changed yesterday. And for those that are wondering 'cause I brought this up last week. Rob When you were on your station. that. If this term is offensive to Americans than it must go. And if you're really, against racism. Then it's not just racism. Against African Americans. Is Racism. Against Native Americans as well. Absolutely all people of this land. We're going to be inclusive with this. country's all about where the only nation and as people from everywhere Chris. Japan is ninety nine percent Japanese. Most places we're. We're all people from all over the world. Everybody should be welcome to the party. We need to get off as we all know that that name any way we all know it. DICTIONARY DOT COM. Here's the definition of that term. A contemptuous term used to refer to a North American Indian. There it is is in the dictionary. What more evidence do we need? And I am look. Here's the difference. This is the reason that Sambo's restaurant is out of business route. To name his name, this is the reason you don't have. Some teams named after Black Racial Slurs. Because African Americans had numbers in terms of the population and enough political power power within popular.

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