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Mike Pompeo, Rick Grenell, Barack Obama discussed on The Bob Siegel Show


The best of times it's the worst of times for dumb very successful visit by french president macron today he will get his new secretary of state mike pompeo confirmed he will get his ambassador to germany rick grenell confirmed any doubt on those two things no and all the democrats vote for grenell d think it depends i mean they're going to vote no almost any time they get a chance right now that's what the democratic base wants and it's very similar to how the republicans were with obama there was just no desire on the part of the republican base to cooperate with president obama any measure we're seeing that on on the last possibly it's even worse and so he'll he'll get some votes cornell will i national security was not this way john kerry was confirmed with a lot of republican votes and hillary clinton was confirmed with a lot of republican votes but now we've got mick mulvaney under fire we've got ronnie jackson fire scott pruitt is going to be taking a hostile questions all day long on the hill today what's the president strategy for extricating himself from what is in fact the most poisonous dc i've seen since mid reagan in iran contra the president has a strategy in any of this stuff i mean the right jackson nomination could have been prevented there could have been setting this reminds me a lot of harriet myers people recall i know you do when the president nominated his his white house counsel to the supreme court justice and nobody really taking a look at the factor wondered whether or not she produced you know legal rulings or writings or could really stand up to the scrutiny that didn't last long some this was just an unforced error and look.

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Mike Pompeo, Rick Grenell, Barack Obama discussed on The Bob Siegel Show

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