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Calories where the storage burrito with extra rights tortilla. My God, man. Okay. Jim brough to you. You might match phone sits on a protein shakes when he records every week. So don't let's listen to Jim bro here. He's like rice. Correct. You messed up the beef. You get both kinds of beans. You definitely get the fajita veggies. You order chicken. Then once they give you chicken say, I want double me, and you pick your second meat chickens by far the best meat there. They have most seasonings. So you can go double chicken on that or feeling real good to get a little bit of the pork. Never get the Theriault. Not that good. You get extra PICO extra corn salsa lettuce. You're so solid. This. You are Shula song. Need to control yourself? Get your cheese on the side because you get an entire one of those plastic containers instead of just a little tiny dusting. And then if you're taking it home, you get another container to put Tabasco in. And you know that bad boy up with Tabasco mix it all up. You're good to go. And you're not gonna eat like I said, you're not gonna come out looking like a potato because you ate. Thousand or starch. That the court miss. You wanna put corn on your? No, remember when we started this talking about how we need to get it in and out of segments. Make sure we get on top of it. Stay in fault. This is obviously Mets fall. So Craig which which burrito bowl. Would you rather eat? I don't know tuned you guys about halfway through both of your processes. That's amazing. More importantly, whose food taste you usually aligned with more MIR tint yours victory moving on. We skip the question actually from we did. Oh, yeah. You can take that over. I'm not going to pronounce that name correctly. I think oh he ADA asks. How do you guys feel the defensive line? Compare gets the colts offense of line. They have done a great job of keeping look upright. So we actually basically answered it with who plays the most important role in slowing down the goats off its, but if there's anything you would like to add Matthew, I'm sure there's a lot you would like to add keep it short. Actually, I've just going to say, I don't think that I think brands Smith's been very good this year. I've missed his draft evil coming out. Not. Thank you this good. But watching him HALE he has met you were very high on him. Okay. I'll put that in there. So we're media is, bro. He was often gore. This show the past pro he now plays tackle in the NFL in. He somehow been very competent to good even press protection. But I think a guy with Ford speed and flexibility off the edge is going to give him trouble freight and doesn't have the greatest length does have the greatest feed if he's not getting help. I actually do think the deformed can have a good show success off the side. So that's where I think that she's can make up against the pass rush against this. Good pass walking offense of one. And. Yeah, that's that's basically it. And then we kind of covered it with who plays the most important role there. I do think the defensive line will have some success. I kind of feel like Ellen Bailey may just be a guy occupying blockers this week. It's just not a game that really fits his strength this week. You know, once we get onto future games here. I do think that he'll be able to have a little more effect on the game. But you might just be a guy making sure he doesn't get moved trying occupy some extra blockers up front and see if he can anchor to the best of his ability. All right. So we're going to enter the this is really not Xs and os. This is more about basically the history of the chiefs and the anxiety and all that good stuff..

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