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Twenty twenty NFL draft the Miami Dolphins black tourist talk about quarterback Alabama it did not nothing is for certain people soft that work out they said to themselves he looks really good he looks explosive I really believe the medically redshirt what that body the owner Stephen Ross had to sign off on this developing himself for one season let him fully heal and then no doubt about it plenty of fins fans like are too you know but I've stopped that too is headed to the sunshine state for the fins to a jungle by lower nose will play next year just doesn't know when the dolphin selecting the fifth overall in Thursday's draft might he wait until twenty twenty one to play again coming back not major hip injury that doctors have indicated he's on schedule to return this year the interest Chris Greer said the dolphins comfortable with his health despite the long injury history about NFL live Tim Hasselbeck rex Ryan on Miami landing too if you're assuming that tool was healthy I don't think it was all that close you know part of what happens when guys get drafted it's it's based on what they've done but also what they project to be and so you know for too well when you watch him play at Alabama there's so much you know conceptually you know what they were doing it I let them know that you can see translates the National Football League you can see him doing those things well obviously he did it under strain my high level the concern is the injury but when you look at Herbert I think the concern ends up being that you're facing a lot of them on potential a lot of it on what can be not necessarily what he has you know what he accomplished as a player in fact I thought he was held back a little bit as a player and not a word in offense so yeah I am when you look at it that way if you're making the assumption that the Miami Dolphins doctors were fine with his health but I think it was an easy decision

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