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I, talked with senator. Ben Sasse about political polarization, and I was shocked at how often loneliness crept into that conversation. Do you think that our politics and polarization or contributing to our sense of isolation or might even be a vicious cycle where the two are just feeding off of each other, and that's a good question. I do think this is deeply tied an together. They issues of loneliness and political polarization. We've evolved to seek out our tribe and the question that we have to ask ourselves in the modern age is who constitutes our tribe. In thousands of years ago, it was people who look like us and came from similar background. But the world in which we live in now. A world that is more pluralistic. That is more inclusive. Requires us to expand our definition of what could constitute a tribe. The United States in many ways was built upon that premise and premise that our tribe is not defined by the countries that we came from the language that we speak. It was defined by our desire to seek out freedom to work for it and to protect it. That was a radical idea for so many reasons because it ran counter to thousands of years of evolution where people were primarily getting together with people who shared very similar backgrounds and experiences, and that was her tribe. Okay, so then how do we get back to that sense of shared values and purpose in this country what we are called to do? The modern age now on the United States and I think increasingly countries around the world. A C- be more explicit and clear about who constitutes tribe. To define that not by our skin, color or language or cultural heritage, but by our values by our shared experience, shared outlook for the future, we all care about the welfare of our children and we WANNA. See for world for them. We want our children to have opportunity. We don't want our children to struggle in poverty there alone constitute just a few of the core values that can serve as a point of connection. That's where we have to focus. That's how we. We have to build a relationship and if we build relationship that becomes our foundation of dialogue, that's how we begin to address political polarization in the US and around the World Vivek a half to ask you about covid nineteen, and inevitably some of this will dovetail with our conversation about loneliness first off. Do you think that the trump administration has done enough and done enough early enough to combat the coronavirus? Well, let me say from outset, bandit having been a part of. Two major responses when I was in government the Bulla response. And Ezekiel response. I know that it is. Very difficult to be learning about something you while you're trying to take action to address it. And inevitably in a Republican and Democratic administrations are stumbles. But what matters is how you react to those stumbles? Do you learn from the mistakes that you made to communicate openly and honestly with the public about those so that you can build trust? And what I worry about is that we were both late to the response here with covid nineteen in the US. But. We also continue to struggle. When it comes to. Pulling out the stops to make sure that we are expanding the core capacities that we need in which include testing the ability to do contact tracing the ability to ensure that our hospital systems have the protective equipment and capacity to search. We have a second wave. The People in America have made extraordinary sacrifices. To, stay home to turn their lives upside down. In many cases..

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