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Two sets of them and the last set is not teammates <hes> so i'm going to list replay give three players. We're going to rank them and see how you feel about them. Obviously those listening to play at home until if you disagree but the first group the first i group is a very very often discussed group and that group is damian. Williams darwin thompson the rookie and a guy who is just into the mix leshan mccoy. How do you rank these three gentlemen. Josh i'd i'd put mccoy at the end at in third place like i mean i think he's better in carlos hyde but he's in that same boat like i think of two thousand seventeen matt forte win. He went to the jets and he had a few games where they just acted like they did not care that matt forte was thirty seven and they just fed him the ball and he was like he had at three or four rb one weeks but on the season he was our before and i think that's what the sean mccoy's going to be. You know oh tha- that's that's fine. I'm looking forward to those big sean mccoy weeks you know i like michelle. Leon that it just doesn't it's very very unlikely in my opinion that he's going to go there and suddenly be better. Yeah i agree with you. It's hard to rank higher than that. I know he came. He's played for this coach so he knows this coach. She's done this system so we can't necessarily say like he has no. What's is going on like he's news the team we can in a sense but like he has a little more than qualified as far as you know familiarity but like you said you feel like we're kind of phasing <music> out the old guard here you feel like he's kinda part of that group and you know everyone knows i'm not crazy about damian williams so he's kind of just been the guy hi who is gifted this team right now like i just feel like if cream hunt was still there. We wouldn't be talking about these guys. Damian williams would be irrelevant and so he was just kind of handed this his team. I'm not crazy about them but i know he does. Some things well <hes>. I'm gonna put samba the end with you also and i can't put the rookie darwin thompson above daime williams at this point. I don't believe but as far as like how a management teams. I definitely have all darwin no damian or less on <hes>. That's how i projected going forward like out but i don't want to just say the rookie right now because obviously it's not realistic carries wise and stuff. I don't feel like he's going to get that chance to do it right now. But <hes> i would agree with you right now. We're talking week one or the beginning season go to say damian for sure one <hes> lasalle mcquaid third. I think that might bothersome people. I feel like some people will definitely feel like he's the rookie but you know i'm gonna go with you and with the rookie ahead of them just because i just like for what man at this point for what phil we weeks one through four probably is a better bet than there but i don't think that he has the upside yeah i don't either i mean he played like fourteen games last season and in fantasy points per game aim he was forty two like in buffalo to be in buffalo successful there i mean the team has changed but his his the entrenched number one like i feel like if he was vintage la shawn mccoy we would have gotten better than that the top twenty four bag right yes fair..

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