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Come in. My name's eric metaxas. This is my show. And today. I thought i would bring in a friend. His name is mike lindell is am. I getting that right. Mike lindell's at the end of my tools at the end. Okay mike lindell and unless you're in a in a in a spanish country and then it's pronounced as a y sound the to wells earning day care so folks I've never done a show like this before. I'm in the my pillow. Main offices the factory. You can smell the foam being boiled from here. It's a beautiful smell and you and there's a there's a reporter here from. I think it's political. So i won't say anything you know that i shouldn't say i know it's a. It's a blessing to have the press here. Because it's i think it's important mike to try to get the word out and what i was talking about last time. I want to talk about last night because this is so not first of all. How can people see what we did last night. It's not on frank speech yet. It'll be today we once last night. Okay and it'll be on there to screw up and then we'll have the whole thing well because what happened yesterday for me. It was like so extraordinary. I don't even know how to how to put it. I mean look. I'm a yale educated manhattanite and to be in the corn palace. Mitchell dakota it was unbelievable. Yesterday it was like the center of america. And the funniest thing for me just so you understand what. I'm going to tell my wife. Soon i call her. I'm gonna say honey because my wife's talion i'm gonna say joe. Piscopo is performing. He asked say how many times in the crowd one guy and his hand one guy there was like about two thousand people one guy so i thought that's not even possible in america but evidently it was so funny but it was.

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