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Really not meant as a wise guy his house was robbed and it came over the news at a certain moment last night can happen hours before president trump called Cummings district on Twitter a quote disgusting rat and rodent infested mess more than half of house Democrats now support launching impeachment proceedings against president trump you're listening to ABC news news radio six ten WTVN Alison why answer misconduct complaint has been filed now against Monica Hawkins of Franklin County judge you pled guilty to OB I in February she was pulled over on January thirty first by Pickerington police after a driver reported swerving vehicle on state route two fifty six now the disciplinary counsel of the Ohio Supreme Court filed a complaint that said Hawkins behavior violated provisions in the code of judicial conduct a strike is been a verdict as the Columbus education association struck a deal overnight between the Columbus city schools and their teachers after seventeen hours of bargaining the board of education has reached a conceptual agreement on a new contract with the Columbus education association see a leadership will be finalized in the contract language her view and will be releasing information to its members in due course the board of education is pleased with the work is done in cooperation with C. A. looks forward to a great start to the school year teachers and been pushing for smaller class sizes safer working conditions as well as more nurses skat workmen with the district says the current deal was set to expire later this month a law banning the use of bomb stocks in Columbus is now in effect after the courts ruled this week that the gun rights groups who filed the lawsuit could not sue the city the four ordinances were passed in an attempt to curb gun violence and the lady celebration of Irish American culture in the country began today in Dublin with the thirty second annual Dublin Irish festival over one hundred thousand people are expected to attend the weekend event that feature seven stages of live music from sixty five acts and more than five hundred and thirty five performers and vendors radio six ten WTVN sport ball Buckeyes kicked off fall camp on Friday urban Meyer handed things over to Ryan day back in January JK Dobbins will be asked to carry the rock more this season the junior running back says he has complete faith in the new head man he's gonna be legendary offer like.

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