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Could start taxing those imports and there are other investigations into import pricing in the works but some american business track down hurt them alex olgin of w f eight years in charlotte north carolina reports at mar mack a steal wire manufacturer in the small town of that be south carolina robotic arms coil steel wire into a role that is four and a half inches in diameter it is then dropped onto a conveyor belt where workers pick up the wire and package in the boxes john martin owns more matt he says this remarked highwire is the core of his business can build a bridge a damn nate solder welber using our rebar com on this day about two thirds of the wrong steal the plant uses to manufacture its products is from us steel mill the rest was imported at a lower cost some of the steel martin uses comes from places the commerce department found were importing at unfairly low cost martin worries of president trump ways in on a separate trade decision it could hurt his business if all of a sudden there terror shown our role material we know that prices will go up but we really don't know what all the results will do that because the president could do a variety of things under a trade law that allows him to designate cheap steel imports as a threat to the country's national security that's only been used twice since the 1980's martin just isn't sure what to expect business moon thrive own predictability john the'real also wants to know what future oil prices will look like he is the ceo of newcor corporation one of the largest steel producers in the country he wants the president to take action though he won't specify whether he would back tariffs on foreign steel he says he wants to present to do something to quote meaningfully adjust imports we are not asking for protection i i just go crazy when i hear people say that the steel industry is asking for protection while we wanted a level playing field based on what trump said earlier this year theory all of us hoping there would have been some action by now new or has a few connections to the white house it's former ceo wasn't adviser to trump.

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