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The ceremony, cassavetes cornered Richard Harris at the bar and said, who really won it? Harris said, Faye Dunaway wanted for Chinatown. Casa fetty said, oh my God, I begged you. I said, don't do it. Don't do it. Harris said no problem. Congrats to Gina. Layner that night, Richard Harris sent a huge bouquet up to the cassavetes hotel room and tucked the Golden Globe best actress envelope into the middle of the flowers. The card in that envelope said, winner, best actress, Gina rolands. Don't do it, is a powerful phrase. On one hand, it can stop you in your tracks. On the other, it can be a bewitching case of reverse psychology, tempting you to do it. In part one of this episode, we talked about how rarely the advertising industry builds campaigns around, don't do it. It's usually left to the realm of public service announcements that are more comfortable embracing negativity, like don't smoke. Don't drink and drive, don't start forest fires, et cetera. But there is a small segment of the commercial world that does dare to plunk its flag firmly in the world of don't do it. Some of those brave campaigns are very funny and some are even award winning. You're under the influence. One.

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