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Of my top three tiered wide receivers and now i feel like i can pound running back and just try and get someone to hit from i running back to and you have more flexibility with that strategy being a half point perception league or a full point league than maybe you feel like you do in standardly yeah because you can find a guy with value and so now it's going to be very interesting i've got to make a decision here i have combed barclay rob gronkowski in t y hilton in i am staring down a double up on the wide receiver position actually going to draft josh gordon and param t y hilton and i'm going to take a strategy similar to you mike we've both gone three non running backs which is a little atypical but we're going to see what rolls around kenyan drake goes next alex collins who was also my pick alex collins was the player that i was hoping would get to me david johnson aj green adam feeling collins got to me was an easy pick allen robinson alshon jeffery at four zero eight four nine jason you're on the clock yeah i'm on the clock as when it comes to team needs running back as where i would look david johnson is my only runningback right now i've got to stud wide receivers the three main tight ends that are the only three worth considering early are already off the board i'm never looking quarterback early but the way that i will approaches yeah what i was gonna say is the two teams that are going to head of you yes that's what i was going to say there's only one wide receiver selected by the two teams in between me and my next pick at all they've you know so three running backs two running backs as a good chance of running back slides around exactly so i will be focusing here it now that i'll has gone on a wide receiver when i look at my board there's a guy that i.

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