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Traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. And it's an accident and a stalled vehicle slowing traffic northwest Dallas northbound looked Wellawatte walk four northwest highway that accident in the two left lanes. Now just past that, it's a stall still blocking the right lane. Overall over seeing a slowdown from union Bauer. Now, it's also affecting eastbound one eighty three with some slowdowns approaching that loop twelve interchange. Let's Randy fuller. It's a stall vehicle slowing things as well. Thirty five westbound six seventy five Jay Ferguson. There's a stall it's in the left lane slowing down backup to town east near mesquite. And then David Kevin and Brenda all those folks called in the traffic tip line for a little delayed and pass the stall is slow from northwest highway to plano road. Then it's clear to seventy five also one seventy five westbound construction is in the right lane. That's slowing down to second avenue. JR Colby joys. Now, he's got look at that dry. Live in north Fort Worth. Yeah. It's pretty good. If you live out in Tarrant county, you commute from there. It almost feels like a Saturday. We are seeing some slow traffic, however, building up on thirty five W northbound from north Tarrant Parkway to alliance gateway looks like that is already starting to thin out. Some however. Southbound on thirty five Denton so far looking pretty good as you make your way south through Lewisville into Carrollton and farmers branch. Dallas north tollway. Also, looking good from three eighty and prosper. Heading down to the thirty five emerged just north of downtown Dallas. I'm joy Nielsen your next report at six eighteen and breaking traffic alerts when they happen..

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