Steve Smith, Redskins, T Stadium discussed on People On The Bus Podcast - Episode 19: Dallas Cowboys down the Ravens


A senior thanks yeah yeah he's he's he's a much bigger version of steve smith because he's he's a lot he's he's tough but the great great position receiver he's got kirk cousin has them with the third ranked passing team in the nfl their top10 in rushing yards so they're not you know they're they're not exactly terrible their their second in the league averaging four hundred eighteen yards per game and um twenty five points per game so this is a it's funny to say this man about the redskins but this is a highpowered often sets coming into the into at t stadium here in just a couple of days for thanksgiving yeah you don't i'm not too familiar with robert kelly they're they're running back for he had a big game against the ah the packers he had 24 carries for one thirty seven yards and three touchdowns which is pretty good um so i don't know unit yeah his i mean those numbers against the packers that the packers are are they great but you know i think the copies are gonna be tested as well on on the defensive side and i think you mentioned we have were missing some guys right in the in the secondary allow most born yeah we're out moakley born in were out a berry church for at least one more game berry church safety supposed to come back from minnesota that time line there is not a time line for locallyborn.

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