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The grandson disappears He comes back with an old peasant woman She comes into the room And she runs her thumb over my forehead And she says you have your grandfather's brow I ask her so you knew my grandfather says yes I knew your grandfather I knew his wife Sephora and I said did you know my mother's sister And she pointed to the window and she said yeah I used to play with her in those fields outside We would play with the ball I said did you know her name And she said yes her name was Asia That's the moment where my view of Ukraine was completely turned on its head I realized that these people who threatened to kill my grandmother were also the people who saved my grandfather And that they'd made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the neighbor To hear more Franklin foer's story visit the experiment a podcast from WNYC studios and the Atlantic This is NPR news At 5 29 you're listening to all things considered on member funded 90.1 W ABE Good Monday afternoon I'm Jim burris It's a pleasure to have you along for the show this afternoon Right now in the city we have clear skies 63° Support for WAB.

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