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Illinois, seven they covered 19 rolling positivity rate has risen to a new high first WG and traffic inbound Kennedy stop and go between Canfield and say, ER, that is did road work in the left lane. Also seeing some slowdowns on the inbound Dan Ryan from 18th to Roosevelt, Illinois, seven day rolling positivity rate has risen to its highest level since the start of the pandemic, its up to 4.3%. That's higher than that of late April and early May, when the virus was searching locally. 2742 people have tested positive for the virus statewide over the most recent 24 hour testing period. Another 13 people have died. President Trump's nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg went through today day one of confirmation hearings. News nation Washington correspondent Ashley Kits, supporters and opponents of Judge Amy Cockney Barrett demonstrated outside while inside the Supreme Court nominee appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Democrats like Senator Cory Booker painted a dim picture of how barrettes confirmation could impact the nation. States may write laws. They could subject women who have miscarriages. Two investigations to ensure they didn't have abortions. California Senator Dianne Feinstein focused on Barrett's potential role in striking down the affordable care Act. The case that's before the Supreme Court next month, Judge Barat You've been critical of Chief Justice Roberts for his 54 opinion. Upholding the law. Although Democrats say the Supreme Court seat should not be filled this close to an election, Republican Chairman Lindsey Graham says there's no reason to delay She's been a circuit court judge at the seventh Circuit. Since 2017. She was confirmed to that position. To buy parts with about partisan vote. She has heard hundreds of cases in that capacity. For her part, Judge Barrett promises to be impartial. I believe Americans of all backgrounds deserve an independent Supreme Court. That interprets our constitution and laws as they're written. I believe I conserve my country By playing that role. You could watch the entire process live all week at news nation now dot com President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden out campaigning tonight the president in Sanford, Florida, his first rally since testing positive the Corona virus, his position says he's now tested negative on consecutive days and shows. What the doctor calls the lack of detectable viral replication. The president's in Pennsylvania tomorrow, then Iowa Wednesday and North Carolina Thursday. Biden held two events today. He's speaking in Cincinnati, Ohio tonight. Earlier today, he gave a speech in Toledo. A protest outside Stevenson High School in Leakin Shire. Today, the north suburbs just under 100, parents of students enrolled there. Gathered there expressed frustrations with the current remote learning plan and over a proposed plan to get kids involved in the hybrid plant. Lena or Redondo joined WG and Steve Bertrand, on Chicago's afternoon news waited to find out that the model that they they have in about a month, which happens to be Only a month long before the kitsch Goto Winter break is a model in which the students are gonna come in sit in a classroom. I think it's eight per classroom and basically learn off their ipads Martin what they're doing right now, just in the classroom environment instead of at home. She described Stevenson's high school's remote learning plan for her son. He's a sophomore. As insufficient and heartbreaking. An autopsy at the Cook County Medical examiner's office on the bodies of a woman and a man found dead in a hotel in Chinatown proved inconclusive today. Chicago Police say they suspect murder suicide. Their remains were found Sunday afternoon inside a room at the Jazz Lynn off Cermak near Archer each had suffered a gunshot wound. Their identities haven't yet been released. Investigators say the man was 20 for the woman was 61. Lake County is welcoming a new state senator WG INS Lauren Lab reports. Democratic Party leaders in Lake County decided yesterday that Adrian Johnson would replace Terry Link who stepped down last month after pleading guilty to federal tax evasion. The new legislator is a local park district leader and a chamber of commerce. President. Johnson was also sworn in yesterday. She says her main focus will be racial quality, protecting the environment, ethics reform and supporting small businesses. Johnson will serve out the rest of links term, which runs through the 2022 election. More lap WG and news central camera on Wabash in Chicago's Loop has set of reopened date. Of late this month. It's been in business for 121 years, forced to close after a million dollars of its inventory was damaged or lost in looting and rioting. It happened over the summer after the Minneapolis police involved killing of George Floyd led the unrest nationwide. WG and Sports Chargers and Saints for Monday night Football that games in the third quarter 11 minutes 44 seconds left at the Chargers leading 20 to 10 Major League Baseball playoffs. Tampa Bay's taking two games to nothing lead in the LCS. They beat the Astros for two. Game. One of the NLCS is underway. Now Braves and Dodgers It's tied at one apiece in the top of the sixth. White Sox skipper Ricky Renteria and the organization have agreed to part ways after four years and a 44% when ratio socks also parting ways with pitching coach Don Cooper after 18 seasons with the Hawk socks rather Blackhawks have signed 27 year old forward Matias Yan mark to a one year contract worth 2.25 million. The Bears had the weekend off and just held a walk through today without their practice squad. This after a practice squad lineman tested positive for the Corona virus.

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