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Marsha and what's his name there that that whole prosecution team are they blew that big time now the other thing about what happened in san francisco uh you could argue there is a racist component of that too because the right now they're talking about this uh this dirtbags that was turned loose after killing at kate stanley the whole thing was around the fact that he was an illegal alien and therefore he was in the crosshairs of a racist zina phobic country and other was some statement made by one of his one of his attorneys that uh this is a signal i think to those that uh that mass deportation is is not gonna work or something like that doesn't know we've learned our lesson now now we have an and we need mass deportation we need serious ask mass deportation we need a round of everybody that's here illegally and kick them out not because of the trial in san francisco that went horribly wrong but these guilty started guilty of killing that poor innocent women but we need mass deportation because we are sick and tired of illegal aliens raping us financially why are we not hearing law enforcement stand up and talk about that again there's no law there's no order none now as it pertains to you are you get caught doing something when you're going to jail for a long time hit by the way head kate stanley been black had cates only been black and had this this up the route or whatever the hell his name is garcia lopez manuals arado a fleet pay something whatever's airless it was his name let's let's let's name is sucker jose garcia is erratic it had he been had he been white and kate stem leave been black this guy i'd be in the electric chair for 100 years 100 and tenures easily easily and it what happened while becker would have been sitting on in jail waiting for a while so this was political straight up 100 percent now shame on the people of san francisco shame on them for not reaching the proper verdict not just because i'm saying it's a proper verdict but because it was the proper verdict he straight up murdered he straight at murder kate stanley and there's no other way to look at it whether it was by accident or otherwise you're on the edge to alternate of music friday oh and three and one do the link.

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