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Just a sort of Faith disposition that will receive forgiveness in return. So I don't think you have to read that passage is suggesting that for every single person that God made he dead, you know, it keeps no record of their wrongs. I hope he keeps a record of all Satan's wrongs and all the the wrongs of those who were, you know, the perpetrators of the Holocaust is because they were unrepentant and they refused to show Mercy to others. Does he not have the best memory? Why does he need a book to put it on? It's a metaphor you're being you know, it's an anthropomorphic expression. You can't be literal with that. I can't be taking the Bible. Literally now you're going to tell me that being born again. You have to climb back into your mother's womb. Oh man. Do you have two bellybuttons? If you're born again? How's that work? You know, it was Nicodemus that came to Jesus, you know started asking these questions and Jesus says he must be born again and he's like, wait a minute. How can a man get back inside his motor? It's like wow, Pharisee then that's a pretty flat-footed life. Isn't there I've speaking metaphorically, but Jesus spoke probably mainly in figurative language. I mean, he's just full of metaphors and figures of speech and I think we get in trouble when we impose literal readings on a lot of what he says and Paul as well throughout scripture Genesis. There's a lot that song Rid of their but that and yet there's a lot of historical to you just have to use careful hermeneutics didn't to discern what is literal what's figurative separate the exact generation from actual historical evidence or historical documentation? Yeah, that's right. And so there's a lot of In-House debates over that. I mean think about you're familiar with the origin dates. And so you have you know, some Christians and other you know, Muslims and Jews who would be theistic evolutionists others, who would be more special creationist and different hybrid views there in a lot of it turns on how you interpret Genesis one and that's right. There's a lot of different ways to interpret this book a lot of different ways to you know, take the words that are written in it. How do you know which one's the right way? Takes work just like in science and history and philosophy. There is no.

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