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I can her so we still have to have a prediction here and here's the problem nobody wednesday casper hawaii stays taking else on fim valor currently in his wwe career the demon has only loss due samoa joe in a steel cage and that was to a second wrote muscle buster that is the only thing that is beating the demon so far in the wwl what's was he in the dim persona when he lost to somalia yeah here our main arm what bray whi which his new suit up sister abigail form do you want his new ultimate addition to die on its first appearance yes i who is the answer is yes so i'm picking thin better for the win will yet gower in his pumpkin spice lottery face it was the pumpkin spice latte a face to face it wasn't the usual red as i notice that nicely i think the next that actually i think is asca holders right gang versus emma emma's forgotten the last tonci face oscar she's forgot him out of last hobby is about to get a boot to the faces a clear reminder i because it was funny it was funny because when oscar face tom y'all what's her name flippy chick emma's old psychic not ember nana not amer now now not summer ray yo on hamas how my free data brooke i call myself a dana booker policies i but one oscar face dana brooke she knocked out dana brooks so hard dana pork had memory loss it was a funny bit they don't annexed heat and only one who knew what happened the only who knew what the asked will cohen was emma and emma had to chime pretend light yellow chilled chill ask you to swap grass like chill chill don't call chilled you've got you've got a concussion chill on a don't an autumn about all that don't call this as moving down on his act like emma has forgotten all about that maybe she suffered from memory loss to what i think was going to see an ask him as good as like a combination of samoa joel brag listener in the women's division.

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