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Video of the toronto cop though who really cool and professional he's got the gun pointed at this guy but he doesn't shoot he must have he must have seen that whatever the the the suspect was holding was not a gun his if it had been a gun he went popped his head off just like that so well i think that one story i saw was that when the guy yelled shoot me the cop did not shoot him so the guy clearly wanted to die it was going to say it was going to be suicide by cop and when this guy yelled out kill me menasian cop was cool because you know he'd be dead meat just about any other really i had someone speaking the other day about this issue of people who want to kill themselves but can't do it so they commit a crime to try to provoke the police to kill them take out all these innocent if you wanna die just to you know go died leave us alone has never gonna be an explanation for the crackpot in mind in cell is not going to get there so do a little update on george bush h w they say he's responding and recovering so good they said it was a blood infection when we all kind of assumed it was a broken barbara died but he said to be getting better so go get him he's rallying he is rallying president bush love's still love that picture of bush's in the wheelchair there at the funeral but surrounded by clinton clinton's the obamas malania and no trump yeah well ninety no no carter's the i think carter had a previous certainly looked like she was having more fun with barack obama and then she was at a state dinner where she smiled a lot yesterday when she was around the french people not when she was guess is that she read the kind of the comments that she was smiling around obama at the funeral i think she was doing a lot of smiling yesterday the french people are charming but she's not holding her husband's hand hey there's going to be memorial today for the great rusty staub and yeah well that's coming up later today coming up later we'll talk about that in the next segment and we've got to stephen dan houser who's the chairman of the.

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