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Chuck Bell High pressure over North Carolina is going to keep our weather pattern pretty consistent for the next couple of days. That means temperatures are going to stay well above average and any rain chances. We're gonna hold off until late in the day Saturday or more likely into the day on Sunday, so plan for a nice warm stretch of weather between now and the first half of the weekend today, the sunshine making its way back into the region afternoon highs mid to upper seventies. Clouds and fog likely to return overnight tonight because you just don't have that much of a breeze to keep things stirred up months this fog goes away and the sun returns tomorrow afternoon. We'll be back there 80 degrees Friday. 75 under a partly to mostly cloudy sky and then on Saturday, still mid to upper seventies But a chance for rain later Sunday looks cool and cloudy with a pretty good chances and showers. I'm from Team four. Meteorologist Chuck Bell for w T. O P Right now in Washington. We have 66 degrees in Northwest and it's brought to you by new look home design. No interest financing on your new roof until 2020 to 12 21, now a Frederick, Maryland man who police say left a threatening letter at a Joe Biden supporters home. Is now facing federal charges. James Reed is accused of threatening a major candidate for president or vice president. Court documents say re left the letter, which threatened both Biden and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, on a Frederick residents doorstep earlier this month. The delivery was captured on video. The homeowner doesn't know Reed but has Biden Harris signs in the yard. Authorities say Reed has admitted to leaving the letter. He now faces up to five years in prison. Now to your health sponsored by my eye Doctor. Doctors of optometry, visit my eye doctor dot com. She's been on our television screens for three decades. But NBC fours Wendy Rieger has been missing for the past few weeks. Turns out she's had open heart surgery. Heart doing this weird rhythmic spasms. NBC force Wendy Rieger talking with colleague during Gensler and I said, And this really six once What Gansler says Readers open heart surgery. Addressing two conditions was a success. Her future prognosis is excellent. The takeaway here, listen to your own to your own body. And if something doesn't feel quite right, don't don't be afraid to to ask the doctor about it. Don't be afraid. Teo, look into it. You can see readers full story tonight on NBC for in the 45 and six o'clock newscast. Christi King. W T o p News. A leading pharmaceutical company has resumed work on a possible Corona virus vaccine progress in the race to come up with a Corona virus vaccine, according to Reuters. AstraZeneca's trialist expected to resume as early as this week. Cos. Late stage trial has been on hold since early September after a participant in the UK became ill. Before the pause, AstraZeneca had been a potential vaccine front runner. That is CBS's Diane King Hall Cove in 19 has killed two members of the Alexandria Harmonize Er's Brian Miller and Bob Watcher. But the group will carry on the Saturday night participating in the act for Alexandria virtual event knowing that our season's we're goingto usually be starting in September and October. Was there something we could do together that could raise funds for the arts as a whole. Alexandria Arts Alliance President Melinda current, says 23 artists and organizations will stream on Facebook. By participating and putting their video in all the money that we raise from the event. We're going to split evenly between all the groups that are involved. Alexandria Harmonizer is executive director Randel Eliasson is excited to participate. We're very grateful to Alexandria and the arts alliance for putting this thing together. It's a tough time for arts groups and events like this are really hopefully help couples all make it through it. Jason, fairly deputy of the news Coming up next Wall Street is a little higher. A big local home builder has been busy. I'm Jeff Global 12 24. Whether it's being on the front lines.

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