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Argument to make against biden administration if over and flicks. Npr's media correspondent. David thanks so much. You bet if you've ever flown into boston you've probably passed over winthrop a picture. Perfect postcard of new england seaside town the average income about fifty thousand dollars largely white with a small black population and tonight at a candlelight vigil winthrop will mourn to they've lost retired state trooper. David greene an air force veteran ramona cooper black residents who were shot dead in. What police are investigating as a hate crime spree. Police say on. Saturday twenty eight year old white win for president nathan allen stole a box truck smashed into a car injuring several and then drove the box car into a house. Then let's hear what happened next from resident paolo korea and a warning. It is disturbing paolo. Came upon the scene that day. Paul thanks so much for telling us your story. Thank you robin I i want to express my condolences to the families. And friends of ramona cooper david green and my sympathies for the car crash victims to there too easily forgotten and i also don't want to forget all my neighbors who also witnessed and lift through this tragedy. Well that's kind of you. And i want to hear more about how your neighbors are doing. This was stunning. Take a suet. You came across the scene. I turned a corner and stopped my car. Because i saw this massive vehicle accident in front of me. I saw the bucks truck had demolished building on one corner. The intersection and i saw another vehicle ploughed into the corner of another property on the intersection. And there's debris strewn all over the road and at this point they're like dozens of people outside kind of wondering what's going on and i stopped in the middle of the road. Just trying to figure out what i'm looking at and I notice a young man and a white t shirt start walking from the accident scene directly towards my car so i thought he was coming to. You know ask for help. So i cracked the window. My passenger seat wanna note that my fifteen year old son was in the passenger seat with me at the time. Pretty important note. Yeah yes so he. He walks up to my car opens a backdoor my car and climbs into my car and then he says dr I'm thinking this kid definitely hit his head and he's not in his right mind so turn to him and i just say firmly but calmly get out of my car and then he said something which makes my blood run cold when i remember he says. Don't you think the world has gotten a little weird now. And i'm thinking to myself. This kid definitely hit his head. he's not thinking straight. he needs help so i turned to him again. And i say please get of my car. And by the grace of god he got out of my car and i'm looking at him in the rear view mirror p five seconds after he got out of my car. I see him come up on another pedestrian on the sidewalk. I seem lifted t-shirt crap into his pants. And then i see him raise a black handgun and i hear pop at this point. I mean immediate flight mode. I dropped the clutch on my car. Still drive a stick shift. And i'm maneuvering through the debris field on the road and i hear more pops behind me. My son is rightfully cowering in the front seat. I'm screaming. we're getting out of here and all the bystanders. I'm flying by this point through. The debris yelling at he stopped. They thought i was a getaway vehicle. So people think you're the getaway car because he got in your car and now you're trying to get away. What you saw in your rear view mirror was you saw. What police allege happened that the shooter shot ramona. Cooper i thank my lucky stars that my son did not see the actual shooting and i saw it in my rear view mirror as soon as i get around the corner and out of the line of sight of the gunman i stopped my car and i yell too old pedestrians who were on the sidewalk and the street get inside. There's somebody shooting a gun back there and then immediately drove to the winter police station but we know from police reports and from witness reports happened. Is that the shooter then. Went around another block and shot to death. David greene he then had an encounter with a winter police officer who tried to get him to put down his weapon he did not and the police officer said he had to shoot him which he did and killed him. Look paolo your thoughts. On what all the witnesses there are saying. This shooter went past several people who are not black and when he came across the people who are black. He killed them sickening. It's sickening breaks my heart that i just. It's hard for me. The fathom that anyone would have so much hatred i know some of your fellow residents of winthrop. And he walked right them. They sound conflicted. Yeah i mean. I'm surprised that. I don't have more survivor's guilt myself. The only thing. I think that's keeping me somewhat saying is that i reacted in the way that i wouldn't want someone to treat my child if that was my child who had been in an accident but as soon as it went sideways like i said my instinct was i need to save me and my child in addition to as you said you know you all do have some survivors skills but on the other hand you wake up at night thinking it could've been me or my son. I have been trying very hard not to do on. Those thoughts last night was the first thing that i think. I slept more than four hours up. Started seeing a therapist gutten. My son started talking to the therapist as well. And i'll be. I'll be heading to.

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