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Just in terms of That franchise the music is quite recognizable. And you don't hear a lot of interviews where composers talk about scoring you. Know an entry in a horror franchise and that to me was just really interesting to hear him. Talk about some of the psychology behind the decisions. He made in terms of composing the music for that score and how he kind of decided to a different track to the music than the previous composer who worked on part three. That sort of stuff was really interesting to me. Plus working with any harlan and also cheers. And i know scott cheers. Wasn't that big a deal for you. Growing up right yeah. It was still a big thing in. This country was definitely cool all Just missed me. A right age gap. I was more of the friends generation. Sure yeah i mean i was probably ten. Maybe eleven somewhere in there. When i would watch cheers in syndication and you know. I haven't watched cheers in a long time now but the images of that show and the music are very indelible. Like i remember them like they were yesterday. And i wouldn't say that for a lot of sitcoms like there's something about not just the music that he created for that show but just the entire package of that show it really does linger in your mind so just to hear him. Talk about helping. Contribute to that mood of what that show was. It was really interesting and not something. I expected when i started spy hearts podcasts. Now this is not an avenue. I expected to go down to. I definitely get. It was incidental music in mtv on. One of my favorite shows apart from star trek Spy stuff is scrubs. The medical drama and i've i must have that show at least ten times as A lot of time. I know all the incidental tracks right from that. I could play them for you. It's a big job and it leaves a mark on the views. Yeah seinfeld another one of my favorite shows the music in that very very memorable and i think you know at least. I've never watched scrubs. But i can say for both cheers and for seinfeld the music contributes a significant amount to establishing the tone of those shows. So it was just fascinating again. Just not say. I ever expected to my life to be able to hear someone really break that down for me. You know over zoom call exciting and this is a guy who teaches you to film schools about laying out hitchcock's of west which is probably my favorite spy phone. Currently so he knows good schools. Yeah i do wonder of the people we talk to on these Spymaster interviews when we ask them. who is their bond. Will we ever get an answer. That is george lazenby or timothy dalton. Identity. you'll get those. I think you you stand a chance of getting a brosnan. You stand a chance of getting it. I think we've had a craig. Think rules in moscow at craik. I think we've gotten a few or they said. Sean connery daniel craig that certain identity. You're gonna get lazenby or dolton not to knock either actor Films a fantastic. I just think people just tend to think bond and they go straight down the culinary or the more or maybe brosnan. And maybe craig will we ever get a david. Niven depends.

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