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So mad so mad five minutes running around my house so this is on an actual computer. Because you don't have just one of these like little snow. Yeah now on now. My normal set like i had to find a wired mouse somewhere back in our storage room and then that got me there. Then my keyboards not connected and can't connect your keyboard made it happen man. Somehow it paid off now. All your hard work has paid off. Look gotten on here. You look better than ever. The shows go and fantastic. Nobody even knows that would have happened if we didn't talk about it. That's how good you were in. Everything paid off. Another guy went to work. You know played his ass off You might did something here with the bluetooth. There played his ass off has done nothing but by in and he gets cut one into a thirty million dollar guarantee. Down there in miami calvin noise out of the miami dolphins. Have you heard this. Did you know this while while you were searching for a mouse. That had a wire. On calvin noise been cut from the miami. Dolphins is that not shocking insane. In not expected at all which i guess is the exact same as shocking. It is shocking to me. I mean this is the first. I'm hearing of it. I've as i told you. I've been kind of off the grid the last hour so how many years was the into. How many years was the deal for here. Deal thirty million dollars in guarantees one year in six sacks. Thirteen games in his statement through mike garafolo. I'm surprised and disappointed in their decision. As captain i gave my all to the team. I fought through a painful hip injury during the season including spending and night in the hospital. After a hard fought. Game for the miami dolphins i was brought there to be a leader and i know my teammates looked up to and respect to me. I'm looking forward to making an impact on my team on and off the field calvin noise now a free agent from what it sounds like even though another report said that they're looking to trade or restructure after he puts that statement out. Nobody's gonna trade anything that way for him to get into free agency. This is wild. This is shocking and this is why players have to take as much money as possible whenever they can get it because these situations are alarming for everybody well. There was ever a player that felt safe in their position. I feel like from an outsider looking in who was kind of nygard for this guy. He had a good year. He's a leader. He seems to kind of be like a one of the rocks on that team. Eh one looks too but it. Just this one's weird to me. It doesn't make sense. Why would maybe. The team was trying to trade him to put it out. He mess up their possible trade candidates. Now in what. I'm thinking is potentially. There's some behind the scenes right. Is there potentially something monsignor if they get them off the books they save ten million dollars which okay ten million dollars is great or whatever. But are you gonna use that. Ten million dollars to replace. Calvin knowing i mean unless they get gronk which is what rodney rich said was potentially going to happen or to shawn watson is coming in there. I don't know that makes it makes embolic dolphins fan here. He has been distraught. The last forty five minutes or so you think about the two of fits magic thing when they named to a starter. It got released before the team did and now this to. Oh what's going on as a shit. Stay since ever since they lost. Snowflake remember as let fucking snowflake gets stolen brain underneath them right underneath our noses. Snowflake it's in her jacked doing please. We need an you got it all right. Go for that franchise. What are they doing. Same old dolphins. Well you could get something you could get a lot for acc- for calvin elena trade. I feel like he's not like someone that's untradable. You could definitely get some value going back to what you were to send you kinda just hit me. You're thinking that they were potentially telling him that he might be traded easily. Nana let me pick where i want to go. At least i have a bentley with a drop top right now. I am not going somewhere. You're thinking that potentially is how this whole thing played out but it it's definitely a possibility to where yes they said. Hey we yeah. We are shopping. You and you could kind of so big wrenching. There couldn't be. Oh no here we go. Let's put this out now. I get to choose. Yeah by the way. You're not trading me okay. I was caught. They cut me. What are you gonna do now. It's already out there. Mike care fola. He said it now. We'll have cameron say that. It's not official. Okay we'll see if that plays out. I'll give a fucking statement that would be. That is what happened by the way which we are not saying it is what happened. Okay not saying at all. We have to live in these fantasies. Abo- shit because that's what this world is filled with. We had no idea. Calvin was potentially getting cut this morning. There's reports on the nfl everyday. This was never thought of. This is a wild tom right now. When do you think he would have been privy about this. Because the one of the first tweets did say like. Oh it's maybe expected but like last time we talked to him and everything like you like you said like this is a complete jock like do you think this just happened like today or yesterday over. The wheels really started moving on this what happened. He thinks he got a twitch stream. What happened. I don't know because they would. You would think they want to trade him if they wanted him off the team. Yeah let's get something for him. He's still young enough. He still productive these natural progression. Now is you go back and sign with big bill and the patriots. Cameron wolfe has responded. I'm told a pay cut was discussed. With calvin who is prepared to move on. Trade option still being explored but released coming if none found his tenure in miami was short lived more tax base for dolphins to use free agency a good draft for versatile. Linebackers two okay. We'll just draft a replacement for this dot. That person be a leader in the locker room. Okay that person's been around the person's one before that person will be able to potentially guide people whenever coaches can't talk to him and maybe make them better football or whatever Draft one of them for sure played with flora's. I mean all the guys in the draft all the free agents have been with flora's in their career led the team last year. I mean it's it's absolutely brilliant pat. It's fucking brilliant that's dolphins fan jumpy weighing in on the entire thing. What's that he's this really fucked up really fucked. The thought was like eight to shawn. Watson potentially commented kyle van noy load up that defense dumpy and i assume a lot of dolphins diehards which we know that the mouth probably fickle among probably not as big as maybe other places but for good reason. Because there's a lot of other things in miami to do and the team hasn't been grateful. Dumpy was living in real life fantasy surfer while this is it seems like it has. This is the house of cards baby that just came crashing down this move to say dolphins..

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