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Of the place people in a very bad state indeed and as you were saying why would we voluntary? Tikal on the attributes. Seventh Oratory The poppy is always right in the West When we've seen how ugly it is when it's forced upon what quite on here's the Thing will though the Soviet Union demanded of a public concession DOTS. The government was always rise in the body was always rise to the Communist. Party's regime everybody. Knew that from the intelligentsia done what's right down to the minors of Canoga in Siberia. Nobody took any of this stuff seriously. People went to the marxism-leninism Trusted out in Paris in the rubbish. They were told they didn't believe it was absolutely astonishing. Modern Western societies is that people actually believe the government propaganda which fed and get quite angry if anybody challenges it until I I'm watching at the moment. The first John I've had The the the extraordinary dramatization of the bill a fat which which is not available One of the striking things about it is the initial desire of the of the authorities to suppress newsworthy. That they couldn't have done it they could have done. And of course Oh said to prevent the expression of dissent that is why the builders off to happen because there was no dissent because there was no examination of government policy because competence was not valued. Highly enough because authority was valued to highly. Because debate wasn't allowed. I look alike with already. Why would anybody wish to recreate one of the most disastrous societies? That ever existed on the face of the planet. We seem to be tending in that way. There's also something remarkably Soviet almost Frankenstein Stein in about the belief that by government action you can slow the spread of virus. I it's it's It seems to me to be hubristic. To imagine of. Human action can fight such a natural phenomenon and I noticed a tool show that we even understand the nature. What is with fighting? That's true I think we do but not to be entirely sympathetic. I'm not a legislator in Hamburg mom and I look at the dreadful pressure that legislators are on the very real concern in the community Ill about health. Younger people about the jaws and they future medical stuff and frontline people. Mayan deliveries while trying to how to manage the price in an age when the has not been much in. The answer's yes from full hearing a range of perspectives. I think they jobs playing extraordinarily difficult. Wealth interestingly here in Australia. It's imagine now that they caught a little popular support for the Government. Here has tried to respond. Had Do we ended. I H way we tell you one another Until something comes along and then we demand simply the government which would not in the way that we we undermined tack all institutions in the paper. Who Man if I can use that expression in the generic sense. How when we have confidence in them does have been turned out that we place trusting them to get us through something like this demand essentially wartime like control that lives and our economy. Will this point which is being made by one of them missed experienced? It's actually accomplish Lewis. John Lewis Johnson formerly on what we loving go last Supreme Court. I came out last week and said that one of the public is demanding. These measures of a effectively repression on the government was was giving it to them. I think a lot of this has to do with the of the very serious effects of of the sirens losses. Sasha's which discouraged maintenance what you might Cologne intellectual elite of people who would confident of that the knowledge in their their ability to reason and would therefore able to challenge governments and also. The other thing happened is that politics is not largely needed. Such people security at the level of of Cabinet appointments which tend to take place people in these days in that size as in the thirties and forties who simply have not been educated to think independently. was examined things probably so suffering in all imagine western countries from an absence of independent minds in positions of of authority flights. It was notable when John sumptious spoke last week of have very different. He sounded literacy not an Akita. Cnn coherence from the politicians who criticizing it. There is a an absence societies of what I regard as judge leadership. It really showed like this as the public goes. The evangelization of the Mass Media and social media we conformism which they promote is is increasing these and is Seems to me again to be to be a major problem which I've warned against informed on this on this occasion as shown itself to be a very dangerous influence on Sundays Direction. I have had some support in raising the issues that I've done. I don't support that I've even seeking. It's the it's the willingness of the to debate the issue at all but in this battle all the supposed supposed safeguards breaks out on civil society. Failed Parliament failed the official opposition site. The the media almost entirely sale as soon society failed in general courage among individuals. It's simply hasn't been discussed. The act of discussing it is to not just descent. Launched a rebellion on society in which that is the case. Count seems to meet well-governed. It's interesting that they're strong parallels with things that we talked about the full. I've had a big concern that since the financial crisis all by seven I liked that believe display in the West chronic reluctance to added responsibilities. Really we created that miss and in a whole range wise if you like because of absolute filing culture move on Else having As I think Messi Harris right very interesting article in the Australian at each one of your Rod cousens I'm let's face it with Brooke. We have to face up to this but now I would. No one would do a steady. No one would take the tough measures to prepare for this one will. Do you see the film. The big shored fascinating because it examined in beautifully simple terms the simplicity. That any of those who fully understand the subject can do exactly how the lead the two thousand eight crisis came about and points out all the elements which led to it was in place and it was bound to happen again and here it is happening obviously in a slightly different fool and we're making it was. Let's just look at you think it is. The nobody knows what's going on on the enough. It's one of the prime minister's Senior in Britain than notorious. Donate Cummings famously. Said if you years ago you think when you got into politics it'll be like in the James Bond movies West someone's room literally intelligent people but I'm afraid the truth is there is hush room if it's suicide divorce. We imagine that these know what they're doing and sometimes it's best to do that because otherwise this is but an you just have to live your life thinking somebody who's in charge but on this occasion where it appears to me a severe mistake as me at one with consequences which written down the case for thought longer than I will be allied on it went into the lives of my children and grandchildren. We have to protest and say what you're doing then stop and listen to those who might have a different point but there is no sign of the it comes back to the whole we by now retool amount but let's look at the rule numbers he. I'm a strategy was mic section. We're not law By not being unduly smuggling are great Was Tributary government. That actually list Astrid with money in the Bank Justice Jay Style. They walls not call him. It was mounting in the back. Oles unique but most western countries started off typically with forty forty five percent debt to GDP as they to private sector bits on the books explode. European countries typically got up to eighty ninety hundred even one hundred twenty percent debt-to-gdp America similar was always going to be another shock and those countries with those levels of indebtedness added done nothing about the country would say Rising quite rapidly again. We now face a situation where in Great Britain you're going to add another fifteen to twenty percent them to jd. Pay The gates an wartime supposed to be one of the reasons why the ceaseless Houston Which doesn't hasn't stopped forty five continues but we're asking if was what people think cat goes into the debts which we can try to join second. Well what would you could reasonably argue? We're contracted Absolute necessity that our national survival. These continue to high over us as an economy. Well into the nineteen sixties. A people who grew up in the authority Britain of the nineteen fifties on the late night. Remember US Griffey Haas. Hawthorne Rebuilt Country Bad food and poor public services air and all kinds of the other. Things go a that looking back on. It now understands. These were the consequences of the gigantic debts with which we left the Second World War which we eventually paid off dozen is good and the without contracting debts at the same level people. That seem to understand how long it takes to pay this off of. What can what kind of bug is going to be? There is a genuine so the government is could create money at will and I don't think history really supports that Dawson's that'd be one of the great debates comes out of this. I think because it'll be a lot of people particularly.

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