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So that if you would like to be able to talk to or have trae shout out next week. Join our patriots on. We also will be doing a bonus episode after this. What are we talking about stephanie. We're gonna we're gonna discuss while we're going to discuss sort of a little deep dive into a little bit about grocery store joe and the origin of restore jail yes which siri which has some messy nece to it which i don't know if a lot of people now We got into it. Because seeing this man walk around sulking and that being his storyline. I was like menendez. He no. i don't care about him. I don't care about him. Always before i forget also patriot on has a business shoutout level twenty five dollars so if you have a business that you want us to share with our listeners and trae can be the person to share your business if you want somebody who likes to share business in your body You can join the pizza on twenty five dollar level. And that's all i'm saying. Yes so you your. Dvr did not record the first twenty minutes. And i i'm sorry to give a little inside scoop. But you were kind of bummed about that. And what did i say i said. Doesn't it literally doesn't matter. That's the beauty of bachelor herd is there is. This show is like a twenty minute show You expanded into two hours. Oh it's so. It's like space. It's like something really small but you stretch it out over big body and you're like wow i think it's kind of it's almost the opposite of spanks when you say it's like it because it expands instead of. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah right so. It's like rice. When i eat rice. Rice really makes me look a lot bigger and ballooned boater. That's what they did with the show. They bloated it. They bloated it up and it so much of it literally doesn't matter but it's it's still fun but what i wanna say is we can really. We don't have to go over every moment of this show. Because i will just tell you that. In the beginning in the beginning god created serena Okay serena so what they basically do is just introduce a bunch of people to make sure we all know who they are and then they reintroduced them when they walk onto the island which is so ridiculous and not important So you'll be you'll be surprised or maybe you won't be at how literally missile i bring out serena man. She calls herself. She calls herself the girl who sent the bachelor. Home like really serena. This girl has a lot of confidence. And this is serena. We're talking about an serena from Canada yes. I have to say that i don't can you. Please explain it if you don't get it like i think she's very normal looking here and there not always growing up. There was always girls like this a lot of times when i was at jewish camp. There'd be a certain girl at jewish camp was. I've always thought pretty plain and i wasn't comparing it to myself. I'd be comparing it to other people other girls. They thought were cuter. There'd always be this girl who's just buried average normal but all the guys are fighting over her. And i like that serena yeah i think they have bloated. Her looks just like the show has bloated. It's time I don't think she's unattractive but like drop-dead gorgeous let me just stop what i'm doing i mean she's got a great body. I'll give her that in. Maybe because she's got some color tour it gives the gives her this like oh like ooh. She's she something special she. She looks different. You know 'cause guys be levin anything that looks different than what they have access to all the time. But when i look at her no i am not like wow. She's the type that when she steps into the room. Everyone looks at her. Not bobby but hey apparently when you're on a hot s island. That's what she feel. I guess but. I think it's the same thing with That brendan guy. Knows you not get it. Rents cute to me yes. I don't get it so rented comes out and base. And so she is says right away that she thinks he's cute and brandon is the guy who sent the bachelorette home basically dissed matt and he does teixeira which. I just think it's interesting. So brendan comes out. Okay this is part of what you missed. And he's like you know he's like i was a broken man you know but then i went on a reality show and it totally healed me. Not therapy not medication reality. Tv and now a totally changed in a ready for love. Okay brendan. it's so funny how these people have to come up with a reason to change the story in why they left in order to be able to return right. It's just like at that. You know you you. Oh you're fine now. perfect okay. Didn't know didn't know you had time to get better health in between san guy got it. Yes so then Tajon comes out. And she's coming office fairly normal on the show right now but the last time. She was on bachelor's she was honesty's and a bachelor paradise and she was completely could go and i mean like crazy but not like fun crazy but like nuts. Oh what did that. She's another one. That was like i. I'm ready to do this again. Like i've changed like nod totally crazy anymore. And i don't know so far. She seems normal. She's saying that she has her eye on ivan. Let me.

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