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Whatnot. So. Birmingham. I feel a couple ways you know I. Don't wish like really crippling depression or diversion of any kind on anybody you know I was definitely someone who is very vocal about all of Keri. Hilson 's crimes against the hives. And I feel like. Saying. On one hand I know that there have been many people in labels that would not bear the brunt of a beyond say backlash that have encouraged female recording artists to be like. Honestly she's the one we gotta take down. Do Do do do it I know that they have done this to several other women in specifically black women. The thing is I don't know. Of many or any that relied. Okay. Carries the one who is like Yasser. I. Guess. I don't think that that makes any more at fault in the Knicks behind the scenes who God only knows what the fuck they're doing now but. I do hope that. Now. She is in a better place emotionally immensely, and I think that it would be nice to come to the music industry in some regards she's right music for other people are making our own album. Big Part of the thing that made me such a huge Keri Hilson Stan when our first album came out and when I was first introduced are was her songwriting ability but it was also coupled with the production because he was working with Timberland endanger hands, and all these people who made really really great beats. If she doesn't have those relationships anymore I'm struggling against the obviously write a great song I. Don't know how her music would sound, but I'm interested in hearing it and it sucks that like. dumbs Shea at that. She was influenced to do by whatever of negatives Atlanta is like not only led her to like. or seemingly not having interest in music right now or at all but also you know plenty her to places where she feels like shade or you know is depressed or confused or whatever it sucks but. Yeah I don't really know what to make of this interview or moment outside of that. I was the best. Yeah. I mean you know good for her for talking about it. Is is probably going to be a Cold Day in hell before most of the high, let's go but you know the have is not literally everything and you can do you can still. Have your music for other people put out your own stuff if you want to. The more Keri Hilson got into her career the less I got into her music. So I don't know if she's making something from me but also it's been awhile surfers album was so good nigger so good it was. It was it really was. So you know she can come back and I would give it a fair listen. I certainly am not still mad at her for something she did when she was like I mean know how old but like mid twenties or something I don't like I was certainly in my early twenties when all of this stuff was going on and it like. I'm too old and have any breath to pay. Czar you recorded forever the bucket goat I feel like a lot of the hive that we're livid about it at the time are probably also older say that they're all going to be mature about it but girl lay. Oh, that is true. that. A lot of us have to be older and if you are A. In my same age range or older until like. GATOR gives a fuck Harry Kilson. There you go. Back was the exit. You're still saying whatever the fuck dumb as you to videotape. Boy. Girl Okay come on Mike. Let's move on. Yeah I don't know if the younger half has picked up on all those same habits but. You know. This girl has suffered enough I think we have about have done enough. We really have y'all we. fucking message. Paid, more than. For her. Back Bar. Remember went hold up the magazine. Monaco. Should held up the magazine. Back on your head, it's. Like Leslie. Yes, we have we have done a lot. PHILOSOPHY NOT LEASE I. Miss Cardi. B.. Created. A bit of a political kerfuffle the other day days she's an started. A. Republican congressional candidate former that is named Deanna Lorraine. tweeted the following during the Republican National Convention. Next last week she said. Americans needs far more women like Alania trump and are less like Cardi B.. So Belka lease retweeted this instead didn't she used to sell that why? And then. She retweeted again. With an old of melania trump posed knew. That says caption says this pig giving me? Yeah. You fucking with some wet asked Pussy vibes just saying with a shrinking emoji. This leads to lots of people who once again discussing blonde drums modeling days posing nude and rumors that she worked as an escort around the same time, which he of course denies and has sued a whole bunch of white people for discussing yet. personally as far as this one individual moment goes I loved it. I actually enjoyed these tweets more than I. Enjoyed the song and Dan. I really appreciate a Cardi's. Contribution at least here they're in a to the political move man and discussions within the sides of people who have since and don't have time for bullshit. Personally I would think that Republicans would be less concerned with Cardi's alleged to wet ask Pussy and more concerned with the psycho ass mother fuckers like. Kimberly guilfoil or whatever that crazy white woman's name is that was doing all that motherfucking screaming during the RMC. Did you see that one white woman in a red dress who was like yelling like Mo Jo fucking joke. was that talking about when the best? I'd like losing..

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