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Sound like a total hothead zone. It was only semi hotheaded. That I was trying to get to attend thirty appointment because they had to get my kids out of the pool both of my kids out of their classes, get them down to Princeton for an orthodontist adjustment for the braces and then back to class and so the clock is ticking. And that's why it was so annoying to me because I always hate when people take forever to make a simple, right turn. And this guy just made like a joke of it almost it was almost like he knew that. I was the guy that hates this. And that and that he could just almost mocked me for I swear to God he had to be doing to. He was crawling at one point. I thought he had stalled that's slow. That's how slow he's going. And I ended up kinda semi. I think going over the double yellow line just to get around the back end of his car because it was taking him so long. It was just so stupid. And I don't know why people have to make a right turn like that. Yeah. It does it does. But that's kind of infrequent, right? It doesn't come up every single moment. Right. Right. The one I deal with the most. Is every night almost every night when I'm taking sixty to ninety five ninety five on ramp kind of curves around. There's another car ahead of me, my heart, just sinks. There's something about that on ramp that makes people do thirty five when trying to merge into to ninety five with all these cars whizzing by plus route one's coming up as an exit. So people are trying to get over in the right lane. I gotta try and move over with this jackass in front of me doing thirty five miles an hour. How do you merge into highway traffic at thirty five miles an hour. That's screwing people up. You can't. And these people do it happens. A couple times a week. Bad when I hate that would be bad that would be bad. I don't you know, I'm rarely in that situation because the types of roads that I need to take the work. But I hear you I used to years ago. I used to take that way all the time. So yeah, I get it. So when when you think about the annoyance of other people on the roads, everybody does something that you can't stand some stupid driving habit, a driving maneuver, what is the one thing that you hate the most other than the jerk who won't get out of the left lane. Our phone number one eight hundred two eight three one one point five Morgan and Clinton, you're on New Jersey one zero one point five afternoon. Hello. So I noticed from moving from Pennsylvania to here. I came from a very rural town, and I moved into an apartment on a very busy street. And when I I had to make a left turn on into my apartment everyone's going around me because they're in such a huge rush, and they have to get to where they're going mmediately, and that really is nerve wracking because I feel like it's not safe and even the cops do it. And it's technically not even legal. So the passing you on the right over on the show that you're going, okay. That. The cops are doing it. Why do you say you can't do it? I say it's the copter doing it. You can do it. I did not learn that in my driver's Ed class that it was okay. To pass someone in the shoulder because you didn't leave your house fast enough. Well, okay. Specifically. Okay. Is it always a shoulder? I mean, what if it's just a fairly wide enough lane. And it's not actually marked as a shoulder. I mean, I realize if you're hugging to the right? You can kind of argue that would be your shoulder. But if it's not actually marked with a with a solid white line as a shoulder. What's really the big deal to squeeze around you. Yeah. I a couple of times when I was first when I first moved here, and I wasn't comfortable with that. I would come up behind the car. He was trying to make a left and people behind me would go around several different cars to so they could keep going straight. And I just don't get it. But I wasn't born here. So I guess I'll ever get it. It's just because you know, in New Jersey we have things to do. In pennsylvania. Like, I know you might be trying to get home to like skin a possum or something. But you know, here we have like second jobs and we've got busy lives, please. No. I'm joking Morgan. Silence. Passing me on the right? I don't care. Go ahead pass me Morgan. Most of my family is from Patsy. I was just TCU police still hate me over the bus. Okay. I don't really believe. You're skinning apostle many times. Coon? Yeah. That's right. Morgan. Thanks for calling New Jersey one to one point five. Yeah. I don't mind that you know. It doesn't affect me at all. Right. If I end up having my mirror taken off. Okay. But when you say that about any scenario where they hit you. So as long as you're not hitting me. I don't care. You squeeze around on the right is anything. It's alleviating. The congestion, I would think what about you. What is what is the most irritating? Driving move that people. Pull one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five three eighteen years fast.

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