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One likes high pressure sales people. I'm Tom Sullivan for my friends at Mercedes Benz of Stockton, were they treat every person like family, go experience the difference. Visit they're beautiful showroom browser big inventory of new and used vehicles and talk to their friendly and knowledgeable staff. Trust me. It's worth your time to make the short drive to Mercedes-Benz of stocking. Before you buy your next luxury vehicle just five to eight mile road exit or online and of Stockton dot com. From New York City to the world, Tom solid. Hello world. So talking about reparations, comma Harris was asked about it. She thinks. Yeah. Yep. Yep. Yep. We should we should be putting some reparations up there. I got up an Email from Joanna which I thought was interesting. It's a story about Donald Harris. Her father who is a PHD economics. Professor at Stanford university's. I think he's retired now, but he's from Jamaica and internet say that he published in the Jamaica global online he was talking about his family history. And he says, my this is Donald Harris per father by roots? Go back within my lifetime to my paternal grandmother, miss Christie. Christina Brown descended of Hamilton Brown who is on record as a plantation and slave owner and founder of Brownstown and goes on to talk about the rest of his family has her family were slave owners in Jamaica. About that. Eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred Leonard in Michigan. Hello, leonard. Are you doing I'm doing great? I great show. I just I wonder what we do with all the white guys. They're putting up with further back shift for the last fifty years. Well, more than there have been court cases, where there have been people that have sued in one because of the fact that they pass some sort of examination, but we're. Pushed aside because of affirmative action, and they did not get admitted to a college or get a job or whatever it might be. So, yeah, it's reverse discrimination in order to fix discrimination. And yes, I've always had trouble with that. Fifty.

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