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I'm going to try and answer some of your questions about government and politics in the age of Corona virus. So I I just want to thank you all for submitting your questions on. Cnn dot com on facebook on twitter. We've combed through them and Hopefully we'll be able to get through as many as possible but this probably won't be the last time we do this so you'll be able to again joining me now to ask some of those questions they are going to be your voices in what you submitted are my two producers on this podcast. Mimi Matassa and will guys thank you so much for being here. Thanks thanks David. We're going to get started. You guys kick us off with the first question you grabbed onto the Mellberg. All right. Our first question comes from an anonymous admission and they're asking what will happen to the RNC in the DNC conventions. We go with anonymous first excellent. It's a good question and one. We have news on this week obviously the DNC yesterday announced the move of the date for the Democratic National Convention scheduled to take place in Milwaukee Wisconsin. It moved five weeks. So here's the thing. For the last several presidential cycles we had seen the Republican and democratic conventions back to back one week followed by the next. It wasn't always that way for the last few cycles it has been. This cycle was going to break that recent tradition. The Democrats were going in July in Milwaukee and then six weeks later a six week gap between the two conventions the Republicans would be hosting their convention in Charlotte North Carolina. Well we are now back to the back toback inventions because the Democrats announced. They're moving their mentioned five weeks deeper into the summer so now the week of August seventeenth is when the Democrats plan to hold their convention in. Wisconsin immediately followed the following week by the RNC IN CHARLOTTE. Now here's the deal. I think it is still somewhat. I won't say crazy. I think it is somewhat hopeful. On the part of both parties that they think they're going to host thousands and thousands of people filing into these sports arenas gathering together to host would is a traditional convention in our minds. I still think even at the end of August. That may be a bit much to ask people so I don't think we're done hearing about changes to these conventions. The Republicans and the president's reelection campaign has been adamant that they are moving forward as planned but again I know it's a far away is off. We may be a returning to more normal feeling life by then it still seems to me when you listen all the science that's out there gathering and arena with thousands of people still may not be something that's advised come. August so I think we are going to probably see both parties adopt new ways of hosting these conventions as well and we'll find out what those are excellent so we have a few more politics questions that come in from Tim who submitted. He's from Brooklyn New York I he asked. Is it bad optics for Democrats not to be in the spotlight right now and trump filling the airwaves does Andrew Cuomo's presence help counterbalance that well? I don't know Tim. I don't actually think it is bad optics right now and again if you're focused on the presidential campaign Andrew Cuomo's presence. I don't think really matters much matters for Andrew Cuomo's standing with his constituents in New York but he has said time again. He's not running for President. But in terms of optics. I'm not sure that it is necessarily bad optics. Here's my overall. Take on this. Americans are not interested in politics right now and. I'm not sure that they are viewing things through a political lens. At the moment as much as they are viewing it through the economics of their pocketbooks their families health that that is all going to top everything right now more than a political lens and so while I understand that many Democrats are sort of nervous seeding the stage to Donald Trump Day. In and day out with these briefings and he presents himself as a wartime president. You hear this concern from Democrats I would just say. I don't think optics are going to have much weight here. I think the president is going to get re elected or failed to get re elected. Based on his performance handling this corona virus pandemic and the economic fallout that comes from it thereafter. I just think everything else that we believe about politics has sort of been tossed out the window because I really do believe it is now all about how the president is handling the response. That actually goes perfectly into a follow up question that Tim from Brooklyn also asked He has what are the polls telling us about trump's higher approval rating. Should we look at this as an indicator of his increased likelihood of electability? So we have seen in the polls. There's no doubt he has had an uptick in approval rating. And there's also no doubt that we've seen. He has gotten some of the best marks in terms of polling of his presidency on his handling of the corona virus outbreak so Usually when trump had been tested for the first three years plus of his presidency across a whole host of issues the only issue basically where he was above water and had majority support was the economy and even then it wasn't a huge but it was his best issue by far We'd saw similar numbers like that initially in his approval of handling of the crow virus outbreak. But there was an ABC News. Ipsos poll out today. Friday that showed a dip in that approval number. I think last week. Abc had trump's handling of the virus outbreak at fifty five percent approval today was at forty seven percent approval now again. It's one poll. We'll see what the aggregate of all the numbers out there in the days to come will say but I will just note he got a bounce and yet nowhere near the traditional bounce that president gets in terms of a rallying around the flag. Kind moment where the whole country gets behind its leader like we saw post nine eleven for George W Bush or in the immediate aftermath of the Persian Gulf War for George Bush senior. We haven't seen that kind of level. The President says its wartime footing and he's a wartime president. We haven't seen him get the bounce the same bounce that wartime presidents have gotten in the past. Now that's because we live in far more partisan times. He is the most polarizing president we've had so in that sense. It's not terribly surprising but I do think it's worth noting that even for Donald trump the most polarizing president we've had he still has gotten a bit of a bump from Democrats from independence on. This just watched the economy and watch the continued spread of this disease and if indeed his response comes in for even greater criticism. Those numbers may not hold at the moment I would say. Donald trump is in no worse shape according to the polls for reelection then he was a month ago but this is now the very core underpinning of his support which was the economy. And that's about to come in for such bruising That will likely have more impact than anything else well. Speaking of elections in May elections. We have a question submitted on facebook from Pamela McDermott. She's saying I hope. The primary voting and November elections will happen. Is there any talk going on about that? It's a good question. There is definitely talk about The November elections. And whether or not they can happen as they normally do. Listen I will just say Nancy. Pelosi has been talking about this In terms of the elections of things that will probably be moving to a vote by mail. The Democrats have been trying to get more money into these bills to transfer the country over to vote by mail system. Almost entirely Joe Biden has been calling for that. This is about making sure they were able to conduct our democracy while we're dealing with a pandemic what you're seeing now. What I think Pamela. That you're seeing now is sort of the age old debate about access to voting and voting suppression versus access to voting. That has been this. Partisan battle were Democrats accuse Republicans trying to limit the access to the vote for people and Democrats looking to expand it. This has been this partisan divide and I will just say that is coming to the foreground now because of the Corona Virus Issue. Where you see. Democrats are really calling for this expanding. Vote by mail trend that we're seeing across the country but now really. WanNa move in nationally. There was some money in the stimulus. Bill for this but I will say I will be shocked if come this November. We don't see a dramatic uptick across the country in vote by mail. An absentee voting. It has already been a trend. That's going in that direction. I think it is going to be exponentially more because of corona virus. Come this November. Where you're going to see election day in person voting at its lowest that. It's ever been an absentee early vote by mail. Voting is going to be at the greatest percentage we've ever seen in the national election. Speaking of the stimulus we received a ton of questions from people about how they will be affected by that bill that Congress just recently passed And especially we got a lot of versions of this question. This is from Eugene straughter. How would Americans actually get a stimulus trek? How will it be paid? It's such a good question and it's one that is on the minds of so many Americans and by the way it is not entirely clear when Americans are going to see the money in their accounts for some Americans. They initially were told that they were going to be able to get this through direct deposit. That is not going to be the case for most Americans there will be. Some checks sent out as well. But the goal of the administration was to have direct deposit into tax payers accounts. And there's some. There may be some complications with that for people who don't have direct deposit again. We'll have an easy way. They put it up. We can on a rolling basis. I think you know within a couple of days when they give it to us. We'll send the money out. We do realize there are people who are under banked and again we're working with all the digital companies prepaid debit cards. We're working with all of them to make sure we have a process that every American get their money quickly this money. Does people no good if it shows up in four months and we will deliver on that promise. I will just say we've got mixed messages out of the Treasury Secretary and the administration more broadly. About when you're going to see this money in your hands Initially we were told by I today. Early April that you were going to have this money arriving. It seems like it could be weeks still before the vast majority of Americans who are eligible for these payments will see it. I guess I would just say I would check with the latest statements. Coming out of the Treasury Secretary Mnuchin check on the website. And this is a topic. Now that is going to come up daily in the president's briefing. There is no doubt you saw. Obviously the unemployment claims this week. The jobs report. This is now when people are going to be meeting this help. Dramatically so and the administration has not yet given us a date certain by which people will have these payments up next. Actually as one of the questions received the most how the stimulus will impact people who are on social security and disability. John Smith asked will people in social security. Get the stimulus check. We get under twenty five thousand dollars a year if you're a social security beneficiary and you're retired and your receiving social security payments below seventy five thousand dollars a single person or a hundred and fifty thousand dollars as a couple. You're eligible for this..

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