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This league j pass through the ncwa system ten players on that current roster for the rangers have gone through the college system including important players like jimmy vesey and chris kreider and brady shea these are the players that need to take the next step so i'm sure they were looking yes we want to win a stanley cup open the next five years he can do that but the idea of we want to find talent but we also want to make sure that the town that we have grows to its fullest potential and there are a lot of young guys on this team where i'm not sure that's been the case so i'm sure that's what they're looking to see if they can do and and i and i'm with you i think as much sheldon keefe with somebody that was in conversations and some other players that might have been on staffs of of nhl teams they look like they wanted to get a college guy and it was going to be between montgomery and quinn and montgomery went to dallas so they convinced quinta come and we'll say and we'll see how i would say the vegas effect and all this for all teams all coaches just like we talked about before william mm carlson being in you know being in columbus for two years i think it's important now for coaches and for for management people you know more so ver coaches because they're the day to day is to look at this and say you know look not players for what they think they are but think about players and what they can be because i get william cross is a great example to me and i think the rangers have a number of good young players on their team you know what can they be with the right instruction the right coaching and the right opportunity so the rangers have some interesting players on their rosh advantage that for example i mean a lot of high end talent can they get him to another level and they get chris kreider to another level can they get kevin hayes to another level so for me it'll be interesting to see if you know if gave it quinn has that kind of ability that foresight and that ability to implement the kind of things and to stick with guys and give them opportunities to be successful so that'll be the.

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