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Seattle attorney general William bar won't commit to releasing the full unredacted Muller report on the Russia investigation. That's according to House Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler who says bar did agree to testify soon office. Depot and a tech. Support company will pay thirty five million dollars to settle an FTC complaint. The FTC said the company's deceptively claimed there was malware on customer computers, and so millions of dollars worth of repair and technology services. Office Depot will pay twenty five million dollars while California based support dot com Inc will pay ten million. The FTC says that money will go towards refunding customers. Brian Clark ABC news in Virginia. Twenty one year old James Alex fields junior pleaded guilty to federal hate crimes for the deadly car attack during a white nationalist counter protests in Charlottesville result. Like this. We feel like achieves a good balance between protecting victims vindicating important federal interests and getting a meaningful sentence. US? Attorney Thomas Collins says under the agreement they will not seek the death penalty. You're listening to ABC news more stories, we're following for you now on KFI became the maker of roundup weed killer. Being ordered to pay more than eighty million dollars to a man who got cancer after using the product a federal jury in California determining the weed killer was a significant factor in Edwin Harman's non-hodgkin's lymphoma. The seventy year old had used round up for years to clear up invasive plants on his fifty six acre property, this is the second multimillion dollar judgment against the popular weed killer there, which owns roundup is expected to appeal that ruling to allege celebrity stalkers are facing charges in the L A area. A woman is accused of partying all night recently at a five star hotel in Orange County and after getting kicked out she returned and walked into Justin bieber's room with him inside on Tuesday twenty three year old man identified as James Pierce, reportedly traveled from Colorado to meet actress Natalie Portman, investigators say he was found outside her home, which is a violation of the restraining order against him. But Pierce claim to have talked with Portman telepathically. Jayson Campadonia NBC. News radio. And six fifteen now at NewsRadio KFB K Torney general William Barr says he hopes to release special counsel Robert Muller's report to congress in April. That's according to South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham, he's chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee Graham says bar is coming through Muller's report removing classified and other information bar said, he's willing to testify before Graham's committee after he sends the report to congress and your poll question should the Muller report be made available to the public in its entirety part.

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