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And this gary poured so you don't throw the ball down the field no i think we'll cornell will be run a lotta press man coverage great up challenging and i know it's dangerous against deandre hopkins in in fuller but that's what i think it'll the think it will be you know obviously when you look at the you know third their ability in what pretty said excuse me is going to be thrown if they do tretter do that fast pass world i think it'll be a lotta well i am is what they're going to be seen him a question becomes pressing edelman and i'm and goal how about hogan everything you said about hogan when he gets to doing also is already true and i love of the announces ago hate what you see that downfield blocked by hogan we talked about that when he was in buffalo this guy loves to not people and their families so now i know percents gonna said is going to throw the fast pass i will overplay the run because i saw exactly how much they went to a garrett as soon as they lost our friend garappolo so you're playing only garrett run game and the spence best is that a time to press everyone up is it a time to bracket edelman and just never let them have edelman but you know i think you get today's come up with a plan here and i think i think hoping for a lot of sacks i think it's a little unrealistic as they don't have any indication they're going to do that they're going to play this other game and one hope that they don't play great defense yet clearly the volume of plays is not going to be there for new england you know at least jimmy gropp lowest in his third year and i said all all pat that he'd have commanded the huddle he'd have the czechs he could you know based do even when i listen to the game and i could hear the sound from the sideline even hits howie calls escape and it was exactly like tom brady that's that's what it look like timmy howie slid in the pocket.

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