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Fourteen year old. Mary murphy perfect would later right. He suffered more than tongue can tell foster was wracked with guilt pike had been his brother-in-law uh he fell into a solemn silence for the rest of the journey unable to find more volunteers for a supply run or unwilling to spend all the time george donner insisted they go on with the supplies they had they moved camp and made their way toward the truckee river canyon hoping they could beat the snow by the time they arrived at truckee river canyon in late october eighteen forty six the donner party had split into three beat distinct groups the lead group with the brain family the keys burg's and the eddie's the middle group with margaret reid and her children the graves family only charles stanton luis and salvador and the third group consisting only of the donner family trailing far behind george george donner stayed to the rear of the train so their cattle wouldn't get run down by any of the other wagons he was also deeply concerned about wagons having difficulty on the upcoming slopes in wanted to make sure he could provide assistance for any that fell behind as far as george donner was concerned their a journey was still salvageable as long as they could pass the sierras before winter they would be able to reach their destination but as the donners has descended into the nearby dog valley another unanticipated disaster struck as they guided their horses and oxen into the canyon. One of the donner wagons overturned trapping two of the children in the wreckage for your old georgia and three year old elisa aisa fortunately neither was seriously injured but the accident presented another issue to the donors. The axle of this wagon had broken in a needed repairs now having completely lost sight of the rest of their party george donner and his brother jacob said about fashioning a replacement assessment axel from a nearby pine log george held the log while jacob hacked away at it with a chisel justice. Jacob was putting the finishing in touch is on it. The chisel slipped cutting a deep gash across the back of george donner's hand as his family washed and dressed his wound wound. George quipped that he had greater concerns than cuts and bruises despite his flippant tone his concern was growing. They couldn't waste time on such a minor inconvenience when they were so far behind the rest of their party at that same moment around five miles south west. The remainder of the donner party was pushing to escape the valley the other fifty nine members of the party were camped out by truckee lake. They hit awakened to an inch of snow and panicked realizing that winter was not far off without the leadership of george donner. The group decided to take a chance and try to summit the sierra nevada. They turned charles stanton for guidance as he was the only one who knew the way the to me walks who accompanied stanton luis and salvador also knew the mountains but they couldn't speak much english on november second and the party made their way to the far side of the lake and attempted to summit though it was still only fall the rocks were already slick with snow snow and ice iron rimmed wagon wheels couldn't gain any traction on the rock and they began to slide backwards on the steep incline the the drivers beat at the hawks and mercilessly to force progress but the wagons could only move forward mere feet at a time though stanton and the milwaukee could scout ahead good ways up the mountain on foot. The waggons lagged far behind them by this point. Everyone had stepped out of their wagons in an attempt to lighten the load for their exhausted animals. Some men even attempted to push their own wagons hoping that would be just the encouragement. The oxygen needed to make real progress. Almost all of the women carry their children adding to their exhaustion stanton stanton returned from scouting ahead to find the party had come to a complete standstill dark storm clouds gathered overhead some of the men lit a nearby pitch pine on fire and everyone gathered around it for warmth stanton attempted to persuade the family to press on and but night was drawing in fast the men and women were tired instead of setting up camp many simply put buffalo skins and blankets blankets on the ground laying down to sleep by the burning pine on the morning of november lake.

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