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That that's where the juices and that is available to every human being once you ask with sincerity the universe will answer that's that's the way it operates i mean i thought split into many tire lay there is the part of me on the outside that saying that things that i'm supposed to say like i'm fine with like a fell yeah and then there's the pie on the inside of me that spike scared and lonely and confused um and what i think that happened is i really think that we are ultra tellers i think we are just need to tell the truth and so i think that people who in is very hard for the world to hear the truth from a warning it's easier for their onto here that shit them in yes but since negative emotions are less acceptable from a woman right we end up seventimes telling our truth in different ways than where it's dangerous ways like this is was the food for me a boost for me i think we tell the truth with something everybody tells the truth a something whether it's they say i'm not fine with a credit card or they say i'm not fine with over eating are they say i'm not fine with boos are sass or ask us what a unkindness or whatever it is which is why it's so powerful when you can integrate this to south and tell the truth the story of what's going on in your inside with their words.

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