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Forty eight year old man from worth was in critical condition when he was taken to advocate Christ hospital prosecutors were interviewing the witnesses before the filing of any charges Mike Krauser newsradio one of five point nine FM former First Lady former US senator former presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton back in her hometown of northwest suburban park ridge today specifically about the twenty sixteen campaign there were so many unprecedented things about that campaign that I hope never happen again but I fear could Clinton spoke to a crowd at the Pickwick theatre I just wish every American would accept and understand that the Russians played a major role in the last campaign and are intending to do it again I mean they felt like they achieve their objective technology has just sped up everything that we do and the amount of information that comes out everybody and how do you how do you know whether the information is true or not Clinton was in town to preview an exhibit called trailblazing women of park ridge there was also a screening of a documentary about her life Terry Cashner newsradio one of five point nine FM the demolition of auroras historic Masonic Temple which was gutted by fire this week has begun our chief development officer John Curley says he wanted to begin demolition as soon as possible because of fears the temple could collapse especially the top of the building the super structured still expanded when heated push full walls out on the top so that will be the first thing that they focus on that may be done part partly by smaller equipment they can get a little closer to the building the demolition could take about fifteen days to complete with a price tag of seven hundred eighty thousand dollars Aurora has decided to salvage the four columns of the temple's main entrance and the cornerstone of the building which might contain a time capsule air monitoring equipment has been installed to insure hazardous materials are released during demolition auroras fire chief says any hazard would only affect the demolition site Jim good as these radio one of five point nine FM how much money's been spent on legal fees since alderman ed Burke was indicted on racketeering and bribery charges sun times reports the older man's campaign fund not the older man himself has spent nearly four hundred thousand dollars so far in his defense and the trial hasn't even started yet that's not until next year the Burke indictments centers on a series of schemes including true involving city landmarks in the field museum and the old main post office WBBM news time chan.

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