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The Ray Lucia show, helping you make better money moves glad to have you on board. Now before the break, we're talking about how two of the humongous institutional managers of literally billions, if not trillions of dollars at least they either oversee or consult on or have access to information on with institutions, and so forth are diametrically opposed positions on where the market's heading this year. And those of you that have listened and watch this program over the years. No that I frankly don't care. I don't get to Wigan about where the stock market's going because I focus on a strategy and the strategy is quite simple as most strategies should be. It's obviously diverse. Defy your holdings. I talked about having non correlated assets such as real estate in combination with stocks in combination with bonds in combination with annuities, all of the different asset classes, and you can shake it up and a shaker in terms of percentages. That's between you and your adviser. But as part of that asset allocation, I need to make sure there's enough dry powder on the sideline. So you don't do something stupid like listen to either one of those big institutional managers as if they know because they don't I was looking at something. I don't know if this is it here. Yeah. I was looking at the markets response to a crisis a sixty forty mix of stocks and bonds, and they went back to the October nineteen eighty-seven stock market crash. The nineteen eighty nine US savings and loan crisis. The nineteen ninety eight Asian contagion and Russian crisis. The March two thousand dot dot com. Crash this September two thousand and one terrorist attack and the September two thousand and eight bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers pretty big humongous events in stock market history. And here's what they determined. And this is why the strategy of buying hold. And I know there are other people with boy and hope. Yeah. Okay. It's by and hope that you stay with your buy and hold strategy for crying out loud. The is making rash or irrational moves especially in times of volatility. Maybe the worst thing that you can do example, the nineteen eighty-seven stock market crash sixty forty mix one year.

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