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Twelve pounds a goal right next to and it just elevated and elevates. Anybody has a guy ryan that had a built getting that title. It changes everything for everyone in for as good as conor mcgregor is for all that he did. If he never was the champion he never was the jam champ. We're not here. we're not here today. We're not here. And i think that's i think conor understands that right the bravado. Some of who some of who you can be combs with having that built some of you can't be came with being a super bowl champ like those things are part of not only your legacy there part of your bio right when when they introduce you it. Now that you're retired is different but while you were fighting former lightweight champion heavyweight champ. It's different than when they say heavyweight champion. Daniel cormie at light heavyweight champion. Daniel call and i think for connor to be able to walk around in minks walk around in the fly suits and have that built on his shoulder. It's a different visual for him. But it's a different visual for me. Right when i see it. It's like he's not only saying he's the best he's telling us by the hardware he gets to carry around and that was that that same thing you know like i said. I thought he was the mvp of all sports. It's the same thing with tom. Brady writes the same thing when we talk about michael jordan. Those were guys who not only did the work but they were synonymous with winning. He has to back in the same conversation with winning. That's crazy because wins and losses don't seem to apply to him in nathan as as much as it does everyone else but ultimately you gotta win now. Another added element right. I talk about changing the narrative. Changing making the fight look different. The fans are back in abu dhabi. We had three fight cards the first weekend. Max holloway fought on abc. They had about twenty five hundred fans in their mid week. That another fight had about a thousand. By the next saturday mcgregor poor you was full every seat available to four thousand. They had was sat in this week. And we get back to t mobile arena. Eighteen thousand twenty thousand strong tickets prices through the roof longest celebrity list of all time. Right this is what conor mcgregor made for for dustin poor year. He isn't as excited about that. And he sat down with bread. Okamoto and he kinda disgusted a little bit. Let's take a list fighting's hectic man. I don't i don't really like you know i. I wish they were home-buying. Pay per view which was empty arena by the pay per view. You do. it's nice man. I have a lot of people going. Family members friends who are very excited. And it's good. It makes me feel good to see this direction of of the world or of america at least with the with things opening full capacity. Just a little bit of normalcy back in our lives. It's been a crazy couple years here But fans yelling started. Like i said it's hectic you're in the locker warming up and you go out there. You have to walk through the tunnel and people are spilling beer and yelling crazy stuff at you. When you're about to go fight this man five for your life in front of the world it just adds more chaos to it for me you know. But that's just that's fighting. Yeah that's what that's what it is. Look at your is your eyes. Oh no. dc counter counter likes connor. Likes to walk out of the water. He likes that right. I can't even eat. 'cause i'm conor mcgregor. I'm the notorious shadowboxing these people all out. These people are out waiting for mcgregor as he left dinner. But then you got the poor you on the sand. Kinda wanna do it in an empty arena. The athlete loves the crowd. I mean like you said the raven's game you know the crowd's going crazy. How much did you love going the baltimore knowing that. That's what you wanted. I wanted to walk in embassy stadium and say look. We're here. yeah. I love that right. I wanted somebody to run a slant and it just be me and him in the middle of the field. I like that for for you. You were talking about some of the nervous anxious energy head going into the last fight. If i'm conor mcgregor this excites me. What are you thinking about that. I mean come on. Nice me why why. I don't understand why. I don't understand why it because the crowd has lifted him to a lot of crazy performances. Boy that's not. I don't like that you know the word that stuck out to me chaos Remember early on in the show. You spoke about conor. Mcgregor is life outside of the ring. We got it. Yup right the chaos and so now that's the way conor mcgregor gets that chaos back into the arena back into the fight and he loves it. He plays to it right when when he comes out and he's and he's hair right. Everybody's doing that right over four to fight when he's looking and he's like all those things that feeds who gregor is and so now it's about dustin being able to create right. Dustin wants to create the same atmosphere we had before fans was about normalcy wanted. He wanted normal sparring. Vive verses. you alley fight. Field doesn't know he seems to want a more it's more intimate right. It's me and you write manuel model. Dozens from lafayette dustin. Once that like like you said your industry you not to stick off my shoulder you know what my mom you know. Twenty minutes with also again. These dustin wants that dust is want. I want you and me. I don't want you to get energy from the crowd. I don't want any of that. What do you got to think about it too conor. Mcgregor i play with that tony. O'brien and people in some things happen toward the end of his pittsburgh career. I felt like i had an issue with him. Here's the issue. I never had with him. I knew he played for fame right. I knew he played for money. I knew he liked the glitz. Glamour the lights but the thing about this made him work harder than any officer player. Ever see and so. I had no issues with them because i knew when the lights were only. Yep yep it was prepared. And i think that's what conor mcgregor fights for that right. Four thousand eight enough Oh you'd think the crowds in june. Yeah yeah he he he didn't he didn't bill this legacy of the notorious to fight it for four thousand. He built that to fight in front the largest list of celebrities to fight in front of full arena. And that's what he'll get this dude. His crosser insane. I mean there's beer getting thrown all over the place. It's like i hated like the soccer matches. It's like those crazy soccer matches you see in europe would kinda mcgregor fights man. I cannot wait until this weekend. It is going to be a fantastic main event but the fight card itself is going to be tremendous you have to sixty four is one of the biggest paper views that i've seen for a long time. You get conor. Mcgregor versus dustin four for the third time trilogies are the best thing in all of sports. Nothing quite matches it. Make sure you tune in saturday. Ten pm eastern.

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