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Sprinter van is the van for the job. He is one of the best in the business and I meant what I said when I tweeted out this weekend, watching him play against the Arizona Cardinals that the league's better when he's up and he's active and he's balling out. The man who helped create a national tight end day, the tight end of the San Francisco forty-niners joining us prior to the Monday night are huge one for both teams against the rams the great George kittle. How are you, George? Rich. Wow. Thanks for the intro. I'm excited to be here. How's it going? Well, we threw it. I mean, that's so good. I'm excited back playing football in the last couple of weeks, being out of it tough. But I just felt good to be back out there in front of a great fans and playing with the boys again. We didn't get the dub and it wasn't the game that we wanted to play. So disappointed in that. But I'm optimistic too. We had to play on Monday Night Football and this Allen last year, so I'm very excited. I get an opportunity to play again the only game of the day on Monday Night Football. So very optimistic. Okay. And so what do you lend to the three and 5 star, the reason for it? Is there one? Is there something that you guys are talking about on this front that you want to just throw out there right now? I mean, to me, I think we just need to play better. That's all it is at the end of the day when you look at the tape of every single game that we've lost. And even the games that we've won, I just don't feel like we've played at the level that the standard that we've set, you know, I know we have a couple guys that are playing a consistent on a higher level. I mean, I need to elevate my game. I think, you know, I think everybody can just play a little bit better. You just look at it, whether it's drops. I mean, I had a bad fumble and you got a bad fumble. And said our defense up for failure. So just, hey, you got to eliminate those mistakes against ourselves a chance because we're not even doing that. Coaching hands call him plays, give us opportunities. And we're just not really taking advantage of those things. And so I really just think it's, at the end of the day, we just need to play, but you could say focus on the little things and go back to work. But we haven't worked and I think we've had a lot of really good practices and we've got to get the correlate to the game. And I'm excited about that like I said, you know, Monday Night Football. We have a whole nation looking at you to wonderful time to get the boat on the right direction. Yeah, that's right..

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